Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 23, 2012

Jindal for VEEP? If the “Beltway Boys” want him, do we?

I, not unlike most a few years back, thought Bobby Jindal, the then newly elected Governor of Louisiana, was one of the bright and shiny stars on the Republican horizon (along with Sen. Marco Rubio whose ‘Dream Act’ feelers have now tainted him in my eyes), but this piece from Bayou Buzz nails it for me.   Jindal is out!   LOL! (Not that I will have any say about it anyway!).

Full disclosure, I judge candidates on only a couple of issues (immigration and Shariah Law top my list!).   If this article is to be believed, Jindal fails my test—he is a friend of the “Beltway Boys”—-Grover Norquist and Morton Blackwell who it was reported, here at Blue Ridge Forum a couple of days ago, were responsible for silencing a conservative voice in Washington by banning (banning mind you!) Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy from attending the Weyrich Luncheons because of his warning about Shariah creep throughout the US government (and in the GOP).  I reported on Gaffney’s ouster here too.   The “vote” sounds more totalitarian then conservative to me!

And on top of the endorsement by the “Beltway Boys, Bayou Buzz reports that Jindal was never a Tea Partier!  (emphasis below is mine)

The Republican Party must be in a pretty sorry condition these days for the hottest prospect for the vice presidential nomination is Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. According to the National Journal’s Hotline “Veepstakes,” Jindal is now ranked second. He is being pushed hard by influential conservative activists such as Morton Blackwell of the Leadership Institute and Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform. Editorial writers such as syndicated columnist George Will, David Frum of and Philip Klein of the Washington Examiner are singing Jindal’s praises* and encouraging the presumptive GOP nominee to choose the Louisiana Governor as his running mate.


The “Beltway Boys” claim that Jindal is a “strong conservative.” If so, why hasn’t Jindal ever appeared at a Tea Party event in Louisiana or lifted a finger to help the most important conservative political movement to appear in this country in generations? Obviously, Jindal does not share the same conservative values as Tea Party members. A Governor who supports John Alario, a former top lieutenant to liberal Governor Edwin Edwards, as Louisiana State Senate President is no conservative.

There is more on Jindal’s record in Louisiana, read it all.

* If that is true about Philip Klein pushing Jindal, how does that fit with what we learned here (again from Blue Ridge Forum) just last night about Klein’s new book?  How does giving Romney someone like Jindal as VP, help conservatives keep a Romney Administration on track?



  1. Jindall and/or Rubio are OUT. They would be very dangerous and controversial for many reasons. The first and foremost is that they are both unqualified under Article II of the Constitution. They are NOT natural born citizens. (We don’t need another 4 years of birther controversy)

    That said, I think Newt Gingrich or Michele Bachmann would be excellent choices. Both have been well vetted; and are very, very strong in their principled commitment to the US constitution. They would both demolish any Demwit VEEP candidate in debates. I’ve seen Gingrich and Biden in debate-discussion before. You remember Palin and Biden.

    That said, I think a celebral patriot, like Ron Johnson (WI) would be very acceptable. Someone who is rock-solid for the Constitution, and who will not create unnecessary “noise” to rile up the lunatic fringe. You know, Reagan was very conservative, but he didn’t rile up the lunatics so much. His pleasant, likeable nature, his calm manner, was very positive to the whole situation. How about that well-respected senator medical doctor from Oklahoma? Someone with a rock-solid reputation of cutting spending – that sends the right signal that the next administration will get serious with the main work before us (getting heavier by the day and hour).

  2. […] Here we go again.  I thought I was done for the morning with posting on Grover Norquist and the Beltway Boys until I opened an e-mail from Frederick County Republican Delegate Michael Hough inviting everyone […]

  3. […] Here we go again.  I thought I was done for the morning with posting on Grover Norquist and the Beltway Boys until I opened an e-mail from Frederick County Republican Delegate Michael Hough inviting everyone […]

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