Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 23, 2012

Do politicians like MD Del. Michael Hough read?

Update:  A suggestion from a reader this afternoon—

Hey Hey! Ho Ho! Grover, jihadists in the White House have got to go!  And, how about some  placard-carrying demonstrators chanting that as a special greeting to Norquist from Maryland patriots!

Sheeesh!  Here we go again.  I thought I was done for the morning with posting on Grover Norquist and the Beltway Boys until I opened an e-mail from Frederick County Republican Delegate Michael Hough inviting everyone to join him in June for a fundraising event with GROVER NORQUIST!  Does Del. Hough read anything?

I don’t expect him to be checking Potomac Tea Party Report on a regular basis, but the facts about Norquist’s questionable Muslim connections have been around for years!   Not to mention the fact that Norquist helped promote the 2007 Kennedy/Bush/McCain Amnesty bill! (I credit the successful grassroots defeat of that turkey as the real beginning of the Tea Party movement).

Here is the invite from Hough replete with a link to the 60 Minutes report on Norquist.

You are invited to a evening reception for
Delegate Michael Hough (R-MD)

With Special Guest
Grover Norquist
President Americans for Tax Reform (ATR)

Pastimes Cafe
5311 Buckeystown Pike
Frederick, MD 21704

Thursday, June 21, 2012
6:30pm – 8:00pm

Please make your Personal/Corporate/PAC check payable to:
Hough for Delegate
143 Fiona Way, Brunswick, MD 21758

Norquist’s other life!

The unraveling of Grover Norquist’s other life began long before I knew anything about the stealth jihad in America.  One of the earliest investigators to question Norquist’s connections was writer and now Republican Congressional candidate for the 8th District Ken Timmerman—a Congressional district which overlaps some of Hough’s state district as well.   Here is one ‘Insight’ magazine article Timmerman penned in 2004 reporting Norquist’s work with now imprisoned terror financiers (there are older articles I just didn’t have the time to find them!)  I’m guessing Norquist’s trek to Frederick County has more to do with sending a message to Timmerman (and others who dare to challenge his hold on the GOP) than it does any genuine desire to help Hough!  Norquist just wants Hough on his hook!

This will be my 75th post on Grover Norquist here at Potomac Tea Party Report.  You can see the archives here.  One of the all time most widely read posts was this one from February 2011 where Norquist gave an interview to the Soros-funded Think Progress and said Shariah Law is compatible with the US Constitution and called anyone who questioned his assertion an “Islamophobe.”

Then here is another post you should read about Virginia Congressman Frank Wolf going to the House floor and saying “you can never say again that you didn’t know about Norquist,”  but I guess there are still plenty of politicians who still don’t know because I can only guess—they don’t read!   And, some of those who do read are too chicken to speak up!



  1. This post leads me to consider an interesting point: What does a voter do when the official that the voter elected seems less informed than the voter who elected him or her? Have we fallen that far? Or, does Hough think that we, the voter, are so clueless that because Norquist is against taxation (NOT) that we will flock to his fundraiser? Interesting!

    • Greg, I was just thinking last evening how Norquist continues to be the big cheese ticking off the Dems over his ‘no new taxes’ pledge, and his other news-getting antics involving taxes. So, by riling up the Left (especially the blogs) that then makes Republicans think he is their great champion. Norquist is a master manipulator with access to a lot of money to push people around (like that group running the Weyrich lunch!).

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