Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 21, 2012

Who do you think he is? DNA testing would end much of the speculation!

O.K. here is your laugh for the day!  Writer Jack Kemp at American Thinker today suggests that President Obama should be the next celebrity guest on this really cool-sounding show—-“Who do you think you are?”

Frankly, a little DNA comparison with Uncle Omar in Boston would go a long way to help solve the Obama (Who is his daddy?) mystery.

From American Thinker:

The program I’d like to see Pres. Obama appear on is the NBC program called Who Do You Think You Are?  that is sponsored, in significant part, by For those of you unfamiliar with this show, this is the American version of a BBC program in which one famous show business personality each week goes in search of their ancestors, meeting with genealogists, county and state historical record archivists, and academic historians.

Let me be clear, this would be delicious and the whole world would be watching!

What millions of Americans really need to see is Barack Obama — accompanied by a television crew — going on an odyssey to Hawaii, Kenya, and Seattle, to meet with newspaper archivists, historians, state birth record officials, U.S. Immigration officials, Indonesian government record administrators, Jack Cashill, the Registrar of Columbia University, the Registrar of Harvard University (to discuss the timeline of Barack Obama Senior’s time in the U.S.). And possibly Obama could take a DNA test to compare his genes with those of an Obama family member in Boston or living in a “ramshackle hut” in Kenya.  For added drama, Pres. Obama could sit next to George Hussein Onyango Obama in a Nairobi clinic as they are told the results of the DNA test. Now that’s a show even the talking heads at MSNBC couldn’t disparage, if only for the fact it is from the same parent company.

I believe Frank Marshall Davis has some living kids that might be useful to sample as well.

To all of you Karl Rovians (and Bushies) who want to shut down this form of speculation—you are wrong and so was the McCain campaign.  By not pushing for full disclosure from Obama you have brought a great calamity on our country.



  1. I think its foolish to bring this up. What does it do? It discredits your ideas. It makes you seem silly. Why not attack Obama for this:

    • Here is an idea Burkely! You can do the work and write your own blog and write about what you think is important and I will have fun writing about all those silly things I enjoy writing about!

  2. This post brings something to mind. Awhile back I traced my wife’s family’s genealogy back to the original immigrant named Heinerich. offered a free 2 week trial that I used to search census records, military records, newspaper archives and immigration records to get a pretty complete picture of my wife’s family history. Why has someone not thought of doing this for President Obama? I think that all one would need would be a starting point.

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