Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 18, 2012

Republican establishment poobahs give Gaffney the boot

Update:  Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum names names—the likely poobahs who voted to silence speech involving Islam and Shariah Law.  More evidence that the Republican establishment doesn’t want to hear what Gaffney, the Grandys, Mark Steyn, Allen West, or Geert Wilders, etc. etc. etc. have to day.

…or at least that is what Dave Weigel is reporting at Slate.  

Readers may recall that at one time Weigel was the Tea Party/conservative writer for the Washington Post, but “quit” the job in 2010 when it was learned he was using foul language in an internet chat forum about the very people he was reporting on, Republican conservatives.  I told you about Weigel—a friend of Grover Norquist—here in 2010 and in earlier posts.  In my view he has a penchant for juicing up stories by stirring controversy (here are my previous posts involving Weigel).

Now to his little nugget from Slate (please visit Slate for links, emphasis below is mine):

The “Weyrich lunch” is a weekly, off the record meeting of conservatives that happens every Wednesday in Washington. Grover Norquist’s meeting is at Americans for Tax Reform’s office in the morning; those invited to “Weyrich” head off campus after noon. These meetings are held in safe places, with few leaks, and in general, activists from opposite sides of the movement are able to break bread together. (At the Norquist meeting, it would be more accurate to say they break bagels.)

One exception. This week, the Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney was not present at the Weyrich lunch. He’d been disinvited, after a years-long, public campaign of criticizing Norquist and other movement figures, warning of a “concerted Muslim Brotherhood infiltration effort.” The flash point, according to a Gaffney ally, was the new, 8.5 hour, 10-part documentary about the brotherhood that Gaffney now offers online.

“He gave a briefing on this topic in the context of Soviet-era subversion outside the Weyrich lunch,” I’m told, “and it was too much for the leadership there.”

It’s the second “no Homers club” moment for Gaffney in just three months. In February, the American Conservative Union blocked Gaffney from the CPAC stage after investigating and dismissing “infiltration” charges he’d made against board members. Does it matter for Gaffney? That’s arguable. Maybe he’s not invited to a meeting of beltway activists anymore, but he’s still got the ear of Rep. Allen West. Now — which of those pursuits offers more power, more influence?

I think I would take Rep. Allen West’s company (and trust!) a thousand times over the grand poobahs of the beltway Republican establishment.    And, one day we will learn that perhaps the second greatest scam on America—besides Obama’s greatest scam of all time (one example headlined Drudge just yesterday)—will be when we learn how Norquist hid his true identity from most of the public and his adoring Republican fans will have egg on their faces (and let’s hope that is all it is).

I think sometimes that this must have been what it was like in Washington during the “Soviet-era” when Whittaker Chambers charged that the respected Alger Hiss was really a spy for the Soviets and official Washington was split on whether they believed Hiss was guilty or not.   And, do you know what is really funny!   Grover Norquist’s favorite books (what’s up with the clocks in the photo?) are—“I led three lives” an obscure little book by a former Communist who became a government agent and informed on fellow American Communists and Whitaker Chambers’ “Witness.”

Psycho-babble note from the editor!   Norquist has been talking about those two books for years.   Most of us can’t wrap our minds around a certain form of psychopathy that would allow someone to become a master liar (both books are about skilled liars and traitors).  That is how Obama and Norquist get away with what they do—the big lie is so gigantic that it becomes believable because healthy minds can’t believe anyone would go that far.  The liar, thinking he is brilliant, then tries to see how far he (or she) can go before anyone catches on.  As time goes on with no exposure, his brilliance is reaffirmed to himself.

Endnote:  Be sure to visit Gaffney’s evidence of Muslim Brotherhood infiltration of the GOP, the Obama Administration and America, here.  And, just a reminder, many of you had the opportunity to hear Frank Gaffney speak at MD CAN in October.  If you weren’t there you can see the whole panel discussion moderated by now Congressional candidate Ken Timmerman, here.

Update (related story):  Republican freshmen including Allen West buck Norquist, here.  Hat tip: Rosemarie



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  2. Part of what is so disturbing about this is that it’s Gaffney that’s getting the cold shoulder instead of Norquist being run out of conservative circles in shame!

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