Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 13, 2012

‘We the People’ picketing in Annapolis in the morning!

Update May 15th:  Here is a report from WHAG-TV (Hagerstown) which interviewed Tonya Tiffany of MD CAN.

I know it’s short notice, but check out the details here at the Maryland Conservative Action Network website!  No new taxes!



  1. Raising no taxes doesn’t seem right. The tax rates overall may seem high, but they are not the highest they could be ( The sales tax is 6% which is a bit high considering Delaware has no sales tax ( In addition, “An 11½ percent tax is imposed on short-term passenger car and recreational vehicle rentals. Certain short-term truck rentals are subject to an 8 percent tax. The 6 percent tax rate is applied to a portion of the sale of new mobile homes and modular buildings, as well as a portion of the gross receipts from vending machine sales. The 9 percent tax rate is applied to sales of alcoholic beverages.” ( I don’t know much about those taxes, but I’d leave them at their current levels unless research showed otherwise. The one I’d like to see raised is top bracket of the incone tax ( and the top brackets of the corporate income tax ( The Property tax which some complain about is actually below 1% ( The gas tax is about 23.5 cents a gallon, “The Maryland excise tax on cigarettes is $2.00 per 20 cigarettes…The average tax collected on cell phone plans in Maryland is $12.23 per phone service plan…Maryland collects a registration fee and a title fee on the sale or transfer of cars and motorcycles, which are essentially renamed excise taxes…The Maryland excise tax on beer is $0.44 per gallon, one of the highest beer taxes in the country…The Maryland excise tax on Wine is $4.45 per gallon, lower then 62% of the other 50 states…The Maryland excise tax on liquor is $4.45 per gallon, lower then 62% of the other 50 states.” ( Some of these rates show the power of certain lobbies in the General Assembly. Once again I think raising no taxes is just ridiculous. Something must be raised, esp. on the rich and corporations. They can afford it. 

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