Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 13, 2012

Joey Sandler surfaces again

If you are a new reader and don’t know Joey ‘the silencer’ Sandler who most recently represented CASA de Maryland in its legal pursuit to keep you from having an opportunity to vote on the Maryland Dream Act, check out our Sandler category here.   And, here is a list of his attempts to silence your voices and others with whom he disagrees.

Sandler is one of those Washington, DC “fixer” types who doesn’t make the news often, but when he does we will let you know.

This week he made the Wall Street Journal reportedly as a sort of corporate bundler for the Democrat National Convention scheduled in North Carolina (scheduled there at the moment at least since the progressive heathen are raging over the state’s overwhelming vote against gay marriage last week).

Sandler as bag man!

Here is what the Wall Street Journal reports on Sandler (posted at this progressive website “Common Dreams”—they love that ‘dream’ word):

Democrats have trumpeted their ban on corporate donations to their national convention this summer, saying that it shows they are free from the influence of special interests. But through a special fund, [the host committee is] accepting millions of dollars in corporate contributions to help pay for many of the activities outside the convention hall … Donors include Wells Fargo & Co., Bank of America Corp. and Duke Energy Corp., all significant employers in Charlotte, N.C., where the convention will be held in early September. The fund, called New American City Inc., plans to raise more than $10 million to cover convention expenses, including salaries for convention workers, promotional materials and overhead. Costs also include entertainment for delegates and others, such as a welcoming party for the media that will feature celebrity performers and as many as 10,000 guests.  [So will Wells Fargo and other big banks! be paying for the fake Greek columns?—ed]


[T]he fund was established by … Joseph Sandler, a former DNC campaign-finance lawyer who is counsel to the host committee; and Will Miller, who is on the board of the host committee. Anthony Foxx, Charlotte’s mayor and the co-chairman of the host committee, is president of the New American City fund.

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