Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 3, 2012

What agency said we must close our borders and maintain our state sovereignty?

Readers I have been busy elsewhere recently on my pet project—investigating (and testifying) on the Refugee Resettlement Program of the US State Department, so I’ve been MIA on the Tea Party front.  Sorry.

And, btw, I’m guessing that Abraham Ogazgi Kiflu, who set an arson fire in N. Chevy Chase a couple of days ago is from an Ethiopian or Eritrean refugee family (we have resettled about 2000 into Maryland from those two countries in the last two decades).  If I find out, or you do, let me know.

However, today I’m chuckling over this story.   Read the first few quotes here and tell me what agency says every country is required to close its borders!

….the international community has stressed the need for effective strategies to help States monitor, control and secure their borders against the illicit flow of materials and goods.

In a highlight on how to secure borders against the flow of illicit arms and contrabands as waves of refugees breach borders in pursuit of safety and shelter, it says across the globe, insecure borders enable the trafficking of drugs, weapons, contraband, terrorist funding, materials related to weapons of mass destruction, conflict minerals, wildlife and people.


Concern over the influx of the refugees is based on the hard lessons learnt in East, Central and the Horn of Africa region in recent years. People escaping violence in their own countries have led to one of the highest proliferation of illicit small arms, poaching and the movement of contraband goods in the world.

Have you guessed?   The United Nations is saying CLOSE YOUR BORDERS!   The UN is now concerned with state sovereignty!  Knock me over with a feather!   Read all about it at AllAfrica:

A high level Security Council meeting at the weekend was told that “preventing illicit flows is beneficial to countries, communities and individuals. It is important for security, development and human rights,” The conference is discussing how to improve the UN’s capacity to assist States to counter illicit flows.

A communiqué received by The New Times quoted UN chief Ban Ki-moon saying; “such illicit flows undermine state sovereignty. They destroy communities and individual lives. They are threats to peace and security and are rightly the focus of this Council’s close attention.”

“Countering them means action on many fronts,” said Ban. “Strengthening border security is crucial.”

Under international law, member States are obliged to secure their borders against illicit flows.

I bet if you pinned ol’ Ban down though he would say this doesn’t apply to Greece (where they are having huge border problems), European countries, Canada, Australia or the US.  As a matter of fact, Ban has been over to Australia yelling at them for their illegal alien detention policies.

Also, see Ann Coulter on closing the border, here.  She nails it!

Endnote:  If our messed-up LEGAL immigration programs interest you, follow me at my other blog Refugee Resettlement Watch, here.



  1. Ann,
    I can see that you are clearly confused on a couple of points. (chuckle)
    1.When the UN says to close borders, they do not mean the U.S. Obviously, we do not need to close our borders to stop the prolifiation of arms coming into our country, we have Holder for that (fast and furious.)
    2. If we close our borders, where will the democrats get the illegal vote that they will so desparately need to re- elect Obama? (Holder’s lawsuits against Arizona, South Carolina, Alabama, etc. and, the refusal by any federal department to implement any kind of voter ID law?)

    No my friend, the UN isn’t suggesting that the US close its borders. In fact, I’ve spent, at least, one and a half to two seconds of serious, deep, critical thought on the matter and have come to the conclusion that, perhaps, the UN are not our friends.

    • Greg, as always, you make me laugh!

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