Posted by: Ann Corcoran | May 3, 2012

Obama’s old girlfriends are speaking out

Update:  Here is more about Obama’s girls and dogs (canine cuisine, that is).

I don’t have a lot of confidence that after more than four years, of complete abrogation of duty to the country, an author from the mainstream media (ahem! The Washington Post) will give us all the facts about Obama’s missing years, but it should be pretty interesting to see what his old female lovers have to say.  It should be pretty interesting to Michelle too!  In a quick reading I see he was  a slob (Michelle’s complaint among several) unwilling to pitch in to help around a shared apartment in those days as well!

Read all about it at The Blaze, here.

Also, see Jim Hoft’s (at Gateway Pundit) take on the story here.   This is worth watching—a commenter sent in this link to a video explaining how plausible the theory is that 60’s radical Bill Ayers wrote “Dreams from My Father.”  Understandably, politicians often use ghost-writers, the problem with Obama however is that he flat out claims he wrote this, by all accounts literary gem, all by himself.


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