Posted by: Ann Corcoran | April 21, 2012

Perez agrees with political activists that discrimination persists against Arabs

….. and makes rare mention of his involvement with CASA de Maryland.

Perez is Thomas Perez the Asst. US Attorney for Civil Rights (see previous posts on Maryland’s gift to Obama, here).  I had previously noted that Perez does not mention his involvement with CASA de Maryland on his official US Justice Department biography here, so I was surprised to see his reference to this activist days in the Arab American News.

At a gathering in Dearborn (aka Dearbornistan), Michigan to discuss (what else!) discrimination, Perez nods in agreement when those assembled declare that they ‘can’t do anything [like traveling] without someone right on their backs.’  They can’t do anything?  Prisoners?  Really?

From the Arab American News:

Despite Perez’s initial upbeat approach, the frustrations of various community leaders could be heard in their voices especially in light of recent revelations involving issues such as alleged, deeply troubling Border Patrol harassment of American Muslims and a pending lawsuit by the Council on American-Islamic Relations over the issue, more reports of FBI spying on Muslims, and ongoing issues regarding immigration and charitable donations among others.  [Pamela Geller discusses that CAIR lawsuit, here—ed]

“We’ve been working together and we can solve this but we need to see actions,” said Ned Fawaz, president of the Lebanese International Business Council, who was thankful for the positive dialogue but noted that it hasn’t netted the results the communities need to see.

“It seems like we’re prisoners, we can’t travel or do anything without someone right on our back (since 9/11).”

Perez earlier had begun his address to the group with a positive tone about strides made but also noted there are serious problems with discrimination.

In Maryland we kept the government “accountable” declared Perez (a former board member of CASA de Maryland).   Although he doesn’t name the group, I was surprised to see him mention his days as an agitator, a community organizer, since he says not a word about it in his official biography.

“When I was with the largest non-profit serving immigrants in Maryland, we worked to be in a partnership but also to hold the government accountable and we hope that you will continue to do that,” Perez said.



  1. I think Casa De Maryland is not a morally corrupt organization that wants to do evil. It seems they want to help non-citizens from Mexico. I agree Arab-Americans are being discriminated in America (the fervor of Islamophobia). The truth is that President Obama has deported more than one million non-citizens to Mexico, so the idea he cares about amnesty for immigrants in beyond ridiculous. Yes he wants the Dream Act to provide education to non-citizens from Mexico, but the real push behind this is because he wants the votes of Latino-Americans in 2012.

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