Posted by: Ann Corcoran | April 19, 2012

Politico calls American Crossroads the ATM of the Right

I guess one could say, it’s about time that the political Right gets on par with that massive Leftwing ATM—the unions.  But, somehow this all makes me a little queasy.   Maybe it’s because I don’t like (or trust) Karl Rove.   And, then there is that Rove-Norquist relationship that should make all of us a little suspicious.  Remember it is believed that Rove and Norquist managed to get Bush to say some really foolish things about the nature of Islam in the wake of 911.  Here is one of many articles on the Rove-Norquist Muslim alliance.

And, lest we forget (everyone else has!) that Rep. Frank Wolf  (R-VA) called out Norquist on the House floor about his association with some now-imprisoned Muslims back in the fall, here.

Yesterday we learned that Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform got a cool $4 million from the Crossroads group where two donors gave $10 million each—who are they?

The Crossroads gang says they just had more money than they needed so they are giving it away.  I don’t see any mention of it going to Tea Party grassroots groups however.

Here is Politico:

The Karl Rove-linked Crossroads groups are known for their multimillion-dollar ad campaigns attacking President Barack Obama, but behind the scenes they’ve also emerged as financiers of a network of conservative groups that look to them for not just cash — but strategy.

The Rove groups have been operating as a clearinghouse of sorts, doling out more than $17 million to a range of conservative groups, according to recently released tax forms, including several that participate in the Crossroads-coordinated Weaver Terrace Group strategy sessions, such as Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, Norm Coleman’s American Action Network, the 60 Plus Association and the National Federation of Independent Business.

The giving keeps Crossroads at the center of an ascendant network of big-money conservative groups conceived or encouraged by Rove and fellow Bush-era GOP operative Ed Gillespie*. Plus, it could help Crossroads quell critics who say they are flouting provisions in the Tax Code.

Crossroads’s role as a funder of the right was intended to mimic — and help offset — the millions of dollars that labor unions for years have directed to an array of liberal groups that help Democrats, including environmentalist and gay-rights outfits and, more recently, Democratic super PACs.

Read it all.  The Wall Street Journal has a story on the same subject here two days ago.

*And, then there is Ed Gillespie again too!  The Hill says that by hiring him the Romney campaign is moving to the center on illegal immigration! (Surprise—Not!)   Rove and Norquist are believed to have been two of the key strategists pushing the Kennedy/McCain/Bush Amnesty bill that I believe initially started the Tea Party engines running in the spring and early summer of 2007.



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