Posted by: Ann Corcoran | April 18, 2012

Thanks Joe for the Scott/Ambrose campaign wrap-up (and warning!)

I’ve been snowed under lately, but knew I had to say something soon about the National Republican Committee woman race going on in Maryland.  It has been hanging over my head like the proverbial sword.   Now, thanks to Joe Steffen at Global Rhetoric I can direct readers to his good post that summarizes the latest between the two titans—one choice offers the status quo for the Maryland GOP (and you all know what that is!) while the other offers some hope for a new direction for the beleaguered party.

So before you head down to Solomons next weekend (April 27th) for the State GOP Spring confab, be sure to catch up on all the good blog posts on the race summarized by Steffen, here.   You might also check out this article in the Gazette about the hot campaign.

If you’ve never heard of Audrey Scott (which is a distinct possibility for Tea Partiers not following MD GOP inside baseball), see our archives.  Looks like I’ve posted about 30 times on her busy political life.



  1. […] We reported several times on the hot MD GOP campaign—Ambrose v. Scott (here and here). […]

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