Posted by: Ann Corcoran | April 14, 2012

Obama’s uncle expected to fight deportation

This is an Uncle Omar update.   Here is an archive for all of our previous Uncle Omar posts if you need to refresh your memory about Obama’s “lost” uncle.

Readers may recall that President Barack Obama’s Kenyan uncle has been living illegally in Boston for decades.  He was “discovered” last summer when he was arrested on drunk driving charges.  By the way, in Obama’s famous autobiography, ‘Dreams from my Father,’ co-authored by Bill Ayers, Obama claimed that although they knew the whereabouts of Aunt Zeituni (Omar’s sister), also living illegally in the US, no one knew where Omar (now known as Onyango Obama) was.

Last week I reported (here) that after losing his drivers license for the drunk driving incident, he was then awarded a hardship license so he could get to his job in a liquor store (a job, which of course as an illegal alien he held illegally)—only in Massachusetts!  (or Maryland!).

Now, as predicted, he will fight deportation (after all his sister was granted asylum).  The irony is that now that his nephew is President of the US, he may have an argument for asylum—that his life would be in danger due to that relationship.  However, astutely, this reporter (John Zaremba) tells us that there are hundreds of Obama relatives living in Kenya who seem to be still alive.

From The Boston Herald:

Obama is a Kenyan national who has lived in the U.S. since 1963 and was ordered deported in 1992, after what his attorney said was an unwitting failure to renew his visa. His immigration status was unearthed in August, when a Framingham cop arrested him for drunken driving. In a plea deal last month, he lost his license for 45 days but scored a special “hardship” license just days later, arguing he must drive to his job as a liquor store manager.

Obama’s immigration attorney, Margaret Wong, could not be reached yesterday. Wong helped Obama’s sister, Zeituni Onyango, win asylum in 2010.

Immigration experts have predicted Obama will appeal the 20-year-old deportation order and apply for asylum on the grounds that the Kenyan embassy was bombed by al-Qaeda in 1998, and that hostility toward the U.S. would put the president’s uncle in danger. The Obamas reportedly have hundreds of relatives living in western Kenya.

You know what would be really funny!

Someone (James O’Keefe!) should check and see if Onyango Obama has been voting in Massachusetts for the past 20 years.  Check and see if Zeituni (Obama) Onyango was voting too!



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