Posted by: Ann Corcoran | April 4, 2012

So how did your favorite candidates fare yesterday?

Visit the Maryland State Board of Elections website, here, for fun with numbers.

You don’t need me to tell you what happened with the Presidential primary (except to note that 51% of Maryland voters wanted someone else other than Mitt Romney), but visit the BOE site for all sorts of juicy bits of information.  I found the county stats especially interesting.

In the more hotly contested Republican races (and ones I’m familiar with!) it looks like Dan Bongino has handily beaten Richard Douglas for the pleasure of facing off with Ben (I love Obamacare) Cardin in the US Senate race.

In the 6th Congressional District race Rep.Roscoe Bartlett gave a drubbing to State Senator David Brinkley, while it looks like on the Democrat side newcomer John Delaney whupped hard Left candidate and O’Malley favorite, Rob Garagiola.

Ken Timmerman won in the newly drawn 8th and faces the formidable Obama right hand man incumbent Chris Van Hollen in November.

Readers, if anyone from another part of the state wants me to post info. on their candidate, please let me know…


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