Posted by: Ann Corcoran | April 2, 2012

6th District Republican primary example of really slimy campaign

This is the sort of campaigning one would expect to see when a Democrat faces off with a Republican, but some of those Republicans out to get ten-term Congressman Roscoe Bartlett have sunk pretty low.

I’m sure some of you in the 6th District got that robocall yesterday from that doyen of Republican campaign tricks, Audrey Scott (who is herself campaigning to be one of three top leaders of the MD GOP), fuming and fusing in her most outraged voice about disgusting campaign tactics (worse than anything she has seen in 50 years—I know stop laughing!) aimed at Senator David Brinkley (he of the pure-as-the-driven-snow Republican operatives).

She accused Congressman Roscoe Bartlett of dragging Brinkley’s “family” into the campaign.

The problem is that Ms. Scott, who is working for Brinkley, got her facts from the Lefties over at Maryland Juice which over the weekend released tapes of 911 phone calls from when Brinkley and his former wife were having marital problems.  The Juicer claimed that the tapes came from Bartlett’s campaign.  They didn’t!   As a matter of fact, whoever released them to Maryland Juice was trying to kill two campaigns—Brinkley’s for allegedly having a long-time affair with a staffer (whose salary was paid by the taxpayer) and Bartlett’s for looking like a cad to go this low.

Now, I see that the Juice is reporting that Brinkley’s ex-wife is endorsing Roscoe Bartlett.

For more, see Red Maryland where blogger Streiff has more substantive things to say about Senator Brinkley.

Also, please see my post from nearly two weeks ago reporting on Brinkley’s clever (not!) accusations against fellow Republican candidate Kathy Afzali in which his spokesman said Afzali should be working for Burger King.

So, readers, if you wonder why good people don’t run for political office, this 6th District Republican race will give you some idea.   Is it Tea Party time yet?

Update:  Within a few minutes of posting this the Maryland Reporter tells us that “Victory for Bartlett” is responsible for the e-mail that included the 911 calls.  So, now clever sleuths should figure out who they are!

Update #2:  Del. Michael Hough blasts Audrey Scott, here.


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