Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 31, 2012

Maryland Attorney General: how dare Arizona control illegal immigration!

This is unbelievable, Maryland, the state that loves its illegal aliens and wants them to go to college on the taxpayers’ dime, is joining ten other states in a brief to the Supreme Court against the so-called “Arizona Law” that makes it more difficult for illegal aliens to live and work in that state.

Wahhhhhh! wails our Attorney General Douglas Gansler!  If too many illegals leave Arizona they will come to “welcoming” Maryland!  And, we can’t have that!

Here is Mark Krikorian (Center for Immigration Studies) writing at National Review Online (hat tip: Judy):

Eleven state attorneys general have filed a brief with the U.S. Supreme Court against the Arizona immigration law SB 1070, oral arguments on which will be heard next month. Here’s the hilarious part:

Because Arizona cannot compel the federal government to remove undocumented residents, SB 1070’s provisions have the primary effect of redirecting undocumented immigrants to other States.

In other words, if Arizona is allowed to assist the feds in enforcing the immigration law, illegals living there (and prospective illegals considering a destination) will move to the states filing the brief, namely New York, California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont. But if “undocumented residents” are such a great thing, as the policies of these states (in-state tuition for illegals, anti-E-Verify measures, and so on) clearly suggest, why not welcome more of them? Regardless of the Supremes’ ruling, Arizona taxpayers should buy bus tickets for illegal aliens willing to relocate to these states.

They are already on the way! 

According to this recent Washington Examiner story, Montgomery County, Maryland leads the way in the DC metropolitan region in attracting immigrants.  As a matter of fact a reader recently told me that many getting across the southern border are told to make their way to “welcoming” Montgomery County!

Fairfax County, Virginia leads in overall population growth, but Montgomery County attracts more people from other countries (the article does not make a distinction between legal and illegal people from “abroad”).

More people at home and abroad are choosing Fairfax County for their new home over any other jurisdiction in the region, according to new census data released Wednesday.

Meanwhile, rival Montgomery County’s new population was driven by immigrants, as nearly one-quarter of the roughly 68,000 new residents in that county came from outside the United States, according to the latest American Community Survey estimates.


Across the Potomac, Montgomery’s growth in residents was driven by a large number of people coming from abroad. A total of 15,791 people immigrated to the county, accounting for 23 percent of the county’s new residents, according to an analysis of the survey. Immigrants in Fairfax make up about 16 percent of the new residents there.

See also, ‘diversity grows poverty’ in Montgomery County, Maryland.

By the way, Gansler also joined a brief in the Supreme Court in favor of Obamacare.  Keep all this in mind if he runs for Governor in the future.



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  2. Doug will be a formidable opponent for governor. He is articulate; energetic, national reputation for integrity; has over 4 million in cash ready to pour into the campaign.

    But if what you say is right, he is positioning himself badly for many voters in MD who have had enough of the lawless nanny-state socialism that is on the way out and unsustainable anywhere in the US. The uncontrolled growth of government is killing the free economy in Maryland, and the increased taxing that will be necessary to fund the unchecked demands of greedy government unions, will make the economic picture very bad indeed for the socialist message to carry the day. The government of MD can’t employ everyone and run every business in the state.

    The clincher, however, is if the national context can be changed, with a new conservative president and Senate, that will start to turn off the “free” money from the national government to hide the waste and corruption in Maryland government operation. The state will run out of ways to hide the waste, and taxing and fees will start to hurt more and more people — people will eventually catch on (with the help of a growing conservative unity) and the socialist politicians will be exposed as people wake up to the fact that the “party is over” Then, the grownups have to reassert leadership, and Doug seems to have chosen to “party on” with the spring-break juveniles in Obama-land.

  3. To bad Ganslers not up for re-election!

    Speaking of which…..I’m researching our Maryland GOP US Senate candidates …is there any conservative site that compares each candidates position on the major issues and lists their endorsements?

    I’m bouncing between multiple sites in my quest to make an informed decision. Be nice to have something like NumbersUSA’s comparison grid!

  4. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone, but maybe, just maybe some poverty in Montgomery county is what those people need to awaken them. Unfortunately, and what I presume Montgomery County is about to find out is, with poverty comes crime, gangs, prostitution, drugs, home invasions, etc. They may re-think this whole “let’s welcome the illegals” thing before it is over. Remember, where was it, the town in Georgia, Kingston, Kensington, something like that, where the LEGAL immigration Resettlement Council dumped all those immigrants, and the world went to hell in a handbasket?

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