Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 29, 2012

Rubio endorses Romney, says he “earned it”

Update March 31st:  Rubio not eligible to serve says Joseph Farah at World Net Daily.

Really!  Really!  Is that what it takes?  Just have enough personal wealth to run over and over again and then you “earn”  the nomination!   That is the reason we should all vote for him?  Isn’t that the same ‘logic’ that got us John McCain—that it was his turn?  Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) just dropped off the cliff in my estimation of him.   He didn’t have to endorse anyone.   Now he becomes just another party-over-principle sort of guy (or an ‘etch-a-sketch’ pol).

From Fox News:

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., endorsed Mitt Romney for president Wednesday night on Fox News’ “Hannity,” saying Romney offers “a very clear alternative” to President Obama’s vision for the future of the country.

Rubio, a young, first-termer who has been discussed as a possible vice presidential candidate, criticized talk of a fight for the Republican nomination on the convention floor, a possibility that is keeping alive the campaigns of Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

“I think that’s a recipe for delivering four more years of Barack Obama,” Rubio told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

Romney has “earned this nomination,” Rubio said, though he again shot down questions about whether he would accept any offers of a spot on the ticket.

No Tea Party label for Rubio.  Remember when Senator Rand Paul organized the Senate Tea Party Caucus and Rubio refused to join. Here is a post at RedState from last year where writer Melissa Clouthier (writing about Rubio) suggests that there is something worse than being labeled a Tea Partier and that is being labeled a squish.   As far as I know Rubio never did join the Tea Party Caucus.  If anyone knows let me know….



  1. Rubio is over-rated. Hannity has a tendency to “exaggerate” and emotionalize. Remember, how excited he was about Michael Steele (another Romney guy, like Erhlich). Hannity liked Erhlich also. All Romney people.

    Often, you can judge people by their associations. So, Rubio says a lot about his inner “guts” when he talks up Romney. Rubio is not well seasoned, and I think he’s buying into a lot of hype about himself. He’s losing his compass (if he ever had one) for liberty and limited, constitutional government. Human nature. In Maryland, I call it “Annapolis fever” Romney shows his stripes with all his negative bashing of fellow Republicans. Proto-typical politician. Even Trump criticizes Romney for this bad behavior.

    Romney can’t close the deal with ordinary Republicans, because he hardly ever gets more than 40% of the votes in any primary he wins. If the only way he can win is to have his opponents drop out, what will happen when he has to deal with the big “O” Barry won’t “quit” the race. How is Romney going to get people to call on his behalf when time comes to get out the vote? Oh! I forgot, he’ll simply pay some company to send robo-calls. What kind of president is going to come out of that process?

    Romney gets almost zero interest from the teaparty folks — the ones who volunteer and work the polls. He shows he doesn’t want or care about these people when he continually slams and degrades the candidates who are favored by this enthusiastic core of conservatives in the party. Watch the people who come out for Romney, and you can make a fair judge about them as well.

    So, Romney gets all the conventional rino republicans to stand up and make a speech. We would be better off with a solid, principled conservative, and there are others in the race that better match that type. Newt and Santorium can get together on a ticket that will satisfy the conservative majority. Ron will have a hand to play in this. I doubt if Ron will go for Romney over either Newt or Santorum. The conservatives are the majority of the party — but just can’t settle yet on a candidate. So, the race isn’t over, till it’s over; or until the fat lady sings, if that’s your view. Let’s play out the cards. Rubio is not in the deck; except maybe as the “joker.”

    Lee Havis

  2. I would like to ask Marco Rubio one question. “You call yourself a Conservative.
    What are you trying to conserve sir? You regularly USE SPANISH on your fwebsite..confirming your full acceptance of the hispanicization of the USA.
    For 300 years America has been English country with Anglo Saxon culture.
    This has made it different from the 24 Latin American countries in this hemisphere..all of them bastions of Latin American culture all of them failures
    all of them speaking Spanish. English has been what has DEFINED US AS A PEOPLE. But it seems unimportant to you. Again Sir, just what are you trying to conserve if the language, history and traditions of America mean nothing to you? “

  3. This appears to be a disturbing trend. Govenor Christy of New Jersey, the well connected Jeb Bush of Florida, and now Senator Rubio, all very popular with the American people, all of a sudden come out to endorse the establishment’s , and let’s not forget the news media’s, choice for nominee. Why should any of these people endorse anyone? Why not let the people vote for their choice and the nominee be the people’s nominee?

    The question becomes, in my mind, who convinced Christy, Bush, and Rubio to endorse anyone, and why did they decide to make the endorsement? Why not just shut up and let the people decide?


    • Just like in the case of McCain, the Leftwing media (most of it) decided that McCain was the man, and now its Romney’s turn. Mostly I think they picked him last time and Romney now because they know that Obama (Dems) could easily whip up a campaign against them. Just wait, if Romney wins the nomination we are going to see and hear all sorts of s*** about Romney we never knew. They are just waiting.

      On the off chance Romney wins the Presidency, he is the least offensive to the Hard Left and will do the least damage to any world finance/government plans someone has. No shake-up in our march to losing our sovereignty.

      And, the second part of that is that since so many people don’t follow politics as closely as they should–they see Christy, Bush or Rubio and say well, I like that guy, so I guess he knows what he is doing. I’ll support the guy he supports. For some of us the endorsements don’t matter except perhaps in a negative sense. More people need to be following what is happening and that is a big part of the problem.

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