Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 23, 2012

Hagerstown Tea Party 6th District candidate forum very helpful, revealing

Last night the Hagerstown Tea Party hosted another candidate forum, we told you about the excellent Senate forum here a couple of weeks ago.   The turnout was very good—I’m guessing at least 100 came to listen to nine of 13 seeking to represent the newly drawn 6th District.

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R) attended as did one of the Democrats running—Ron Little.  Neither of the presumed front runners on the Democrat side—Robert Garagiola or John Delaney—attended.    However, just as I was getting ready to leave for the event last evening, I got a “push-poll” phone call clearly from Garagiola’s gang.  I had to laugh as I listened to the questions because they were so unbelievably slanted that I joked on several occasions with the caller about the bias.  (I think he thought it was funny too).   Garagiola must be loaded with money for calls like the one I received and all the pieces of mail we receive from him almost daily it seems.

There was no particular highlight that stands out from last night.  The lowlight however came in the opening minutes as each candidate was given a couple of minutes to say what they were all about.  That charming (not!) MD Senator David Brinkley took some of his time to lambaste Del. Kathy Afzali for leaving Annapolis before a certain vote yesterday which was a personal assault that moderators had just moments before forbidden.

One of the motivating concerns for Tea Partiers from the outset is that generally we are sick of a certain style of politicking. 

Most of us just want to hear the issues discussed, hear the candidates opinions and plans, look at their records, and observe who works hard to meet voters and establish a grassroots campaign.   I think everyone is sick to death of personal attacks and dirty campaigning.

Brinkley just continuing the feud?

I told you the other day that Brinkley had sent out a press release attacking Afzali by saying she should be working at Burger King.  Yesterday, instead of showing some class and apologizing for what was clearly a demeaning and sexist attack on Afzali, his campaign doubled down and didn’t apologize to Afzali but instead apologized to Burger King.

And, apparently they don’t even have the guts to put those two press releases on their campaign website, here.

Here then are a couple of lines from yesterday’s “apology” release from Brinkley (contact me if you want the whole release):

In an effort to make a point, this campaign suggested that, “Considering the ‘Whopper’ she served up at the Chamber forum, Delegate Afzali should be working at Burger King.”

We were wrong and we offer our sincerest apologies to the people of Burger King.

Readers, so what do you think?  Should someone busying himself with such juvenile tactics be representing you in Congress?

Straw poll results tell the story

Your 4 State (WHAG-TV) got this short piece out immediately last night.  They too took note of Brinkley blindsiding Afzali.

They also published this breakdown of the straw poll:

* Roscoe Bartlett 27%
* Joseph Krysztoforski 26%
* Brandon Rippeon 12%
* Robert Coblentz 8%
* Robin Ficker 8%
* Kathy Afzali 7%
* David Brinkley 5%
* Peter James 4%
* Ron Little 1%
* John Delaney 1% (Did not attend)

If the Krysztoforski vote surprises you, it doesn’t surprise me.   He has worked very hard over a couple of years to build a grassroots network throughout the district.

Update:  Here is the Herald-Mail report.



  1. Brinkley is right up there with the most slimy politicians – no guts and no morals, imho.

  2. Joseph Krysztoforski was endorsed by Free State Patriots after its candidate forum of District 6 candidates in Brunswick on March 3. His video clip, from the event shows how well prepared and qualified he is to handle the issues we need to address in US congress. I’m just surprised that Roscoe did as well as he did, given a more discerning tea party audience (Roscoe didn’t even bother to apply for our consideration). So, I don’t think he has much regard for “we, the people”. In endorsing Krysztoforski, I said:
    Joe showed an impressive clarity and understanding of each issue we addressed, especially on the need for leadership to reduce deficit spending. His background as a long-time businessman, having created thousands of stable jobs in Maryland, will equip him well for making wise judgments to help assure a successful free market economy. Joe showed a clear and confident manner of delivery, which, coupled with his energetic involvement in the current campaign, will draw many voters to support his candidacy. In the US congress, I am confident he will demonstrate strong and wise leadership for our shared principles of liberty and limited, constitutional government. I think he would be a strong advocate of liberty and limited government in congress, and we need that so desparately in these dire times of grave danger for our country. If you want a clinic on the way to handle the pertinent issues:

  3. In all fairness, Mr. Brinkley arrived late because he was held up in Annapolis and did not hear the moderator’s opening remarks. The moderator told the candidates that it was not a debate, there would be no time for rebuttals, and to answer the questions only as pertains to themselves and not their opponents. Mr. Brinkley gave a great effort to get there…almost on time. It’s unfortunate that he missed the opening remarks.

    Regarding his issue with Ms. Afzali, that is a separate consideration and fair game for all to “debate.”

  4. This is the fourth time Joe K has run for Congress in Washington County. So he is well known among the crowd. Barlett has been there 20 years So no real surprise.

    Has anyone bothered to watch the video money as debt?

    No one is more of a slave than he who thinks himself free without being so.

    JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE, The Maxims and Reflections of Goethe

    I will hate to have to say once again I told you so as your retirement, jobs and businesses take another beating. While Citigroup, Joe’s benefactor, and other Wall Street banks take more of your wealth.

    It appears most people just prefer to keep there heads buried in the sand.

    Lee from Free state patriots outright refused to watch the “Money as Debt II” video. I only hope some of the attendees take the time to watch it. If for no other reason then to preserve their wealth.

    Peter James

  5. I was pleasantly surprised at last nights forum, for the most part. I think that most of the candidates running would make excellent representatives of “we the people .” There were, of course, a few exceptions, but no need to go there here.

    The main point that I would like to make is this: I want to thank the Hagerastown T.E.A. party for making this event happen. In all honesty, there were candidtes there that I had never heard of, and a few of them were impressive.

  6. Brinkley is charming(yes!!) and Kathy Alfazi was not accurate on her voting record. Whether she intended to lie is one thing. Who I thought was a sincere Frederick county citizen has shown herself to be a megalomaniac. She is our worst type of politician, one who will say anything.And I really wanted a female to get it right.
    Guess since you are so one sided this will never get printed.

    • By the way, Janet, whoever sent those Brinkley 911 calls out (initially to Maryland Juice) and said they were from Bartlett’s campaign (they were not), that is one evil candidate. I look forward to one day posting who that is.

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