Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 16, 2012

Sandra Fluke flap wrap….

…..and have aliens stolen Cliff Kincaid?

I’m out of here in a few minutes and won’t have a computer for the next few days.  Sorry to say I fiddled around and didn’t get more posted as I had planned on Ms. Sandra and the pushback against her and the Dems regarding the Limbaugh/Fluke kerfuffle.

The best I can do now is to direct you to some of what has been written this week (as if you could have missed it!).

* First, have a look at the latest from Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit where he tells us about Sandra’s excellent adventure in Italy and Spain with uber wealthy boyfriend with Socialist parents (and no crotch in his pants).

* Then here we have Ann Coulter in a stinging piece in which she asks—so who is Sandra Fluke?  In her usual no holds barred fashion she says this (not sparing either side): “conservatives pretending to be as pussified as liberals about the nasty names they’ve been called.”

* Here is Pat Buchanan yesterday on “blacklisting” and how the Left stifles free speech.  Buchanan wraps up with a zinger at those Republicans who immediately jumped to attack Limbaugh.

The Republican Party censors itself so as not to antagonize a cultural establishment that wants to see it dead.

“Beautiful losers,” my late friend Sam Francis called them.

* And, along those same lines, perhaps one of the strangest responses to the flap came from Cliff Kincaid of Accuracy in Media who sent out a series of e-mails blasting Limbaugh for ruining the Republican Party (huh?).  I wondered at first if Kincaid’s pieces were not his but someone had hacked his site and stolen his identity—or he was abducted by aliens.

The diatribe against Rush sounded like he is whiny, jealous (to use Ann Coulter’s word—this is not me saying it!) and “pussified.”

Don’t get me wrong, Kincaid does great work and has been fighting to keep Glenn Beck on the air—free speech and all that—but somehow Limbaugh has rubbed him the wrong way and it shows in his writing.  Did Limbaugh diss him somewhere at some point? That is what it sounds like.

In one of the daily missives from Americas Survival Kincaid quotes from this horrible (and it turns out inaccurate) Washington Post story by Karen Tumulty and it made me wonder if Kincaid had ever before used the Washington Post as an example of journalist accuracy.  Within days we learned how wrong Tumulty is in her assessment.  Women are not flocking to Fluke and her friends, nor are they bailing out of the Republican Party.

Here is just one of Kincaid’s broadsides at Limbaugh.   I don’t have time to find the others.  If it turns out that Kincaid has apologized to Limbaugh or otherwise has been restored to his pre-alien self, let me know and I’ll update this when I get back on Monday.


  1. I am also not thrilled with Rushbo anymore. I suspect he is undercover establishment. He is very cunning, I’ll admit, but his treatment of Ron Paul is intolerable for me. I think he is off his game since he got married and has revealed his true goal…making more money and massaging his ego. I still listen to him some and he makes many good points. I have to laugh at him calling his Friday show “Open Line Friday” however, he never shuts up and takes two or three calls in three hours. I call it “Open Mouth Friday”. The way he constantly repeats himself, making the same point over and over again, maybe in different ways, seems like he thinks we’re too dumb to get it. I find that annoying.

  2. […] I thought I wrapped up the Sandra Fluke issue on Friday before I went away, but I see it’s not over yet.    Checking e-mail and just […]

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