Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 15, 2012

Poster families! I smell a rat at ICE

O.K. so over the last few days we have been treated to much wailing and moaning from Montgomery County, Maryland where a young honor student and his family from Colombia were “rounded up” by ICE, put in jail and readied for deportation.

Needless to say, this isn’t a drug-pushing pimp MS 13 gangbanger so a media firestorm ensued and presto before our very eyes they were given a reprieve by the benevolent Obama Administration.

Here is the big hoopla story at the Washington Post about Jorge Acuna and his reprieve from deportation!  Yippee!  Grassroots action worked, and…..

Obama is a hero! (swoon)

So what makes me think this is a set-up?

I follow the US Refugee Resettlement program at my other blog and just yesterday, I wrote this post about Lewiston, ME where another poster family (albeit here illegally) is being “rounded up” for deportation to Somalia.   What immediately raised my suspicion is that we DO NOT DEPORT TO SOMALIA!

The town which has had many problems with some less than desirable Somalis is chagrined to learn that a family that hasn’t committed any crime is a target of ICE.

Watch for it!  Publicity will build,  a message will be sent (to racist boobs far and wide about what good people these are), a grassroots campaign to save the family will be organized , and along will come the reprieve from—wait for it—Obama!

You gotta hand it to Obama’s people—they are good at this, very very good!



  1. Help Save Maryland has created a fact sheet about the so-called MD DREAM Act (in-state tuition for illegal aliens at Maryland colleges & universities).

    It can be accessed from the HSM website:

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