Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 14, 2012

Norquist again! Are Republicans staying mum on immigration at his request?

I briefly noted the story the other day about how the Silicon Valley corporations want more immigrants, here.

Now, comes a story (rather disjointed) from Rediff Business entitled ‘H-1B Visa issue—Silicon Valley Fumes’ by Aziz Haniffa on the same topic.  But, this story gives us further insight into tax guru Grover Norquist’s Open Borders views and his apparent control over discussion of the issue in this year’s election cycle.

The article jumps around between what Obama is doing and what Norquist says the Republicans should do, and it jumps back and forth on the issue of high-tech workers for Silicon Valley and the low-skilled workers that Norquist says the hotel and agriculture industries need.  But, suffice it to say, Norquist seems to be acting again as the preeminent Republican Open Borders advocate.

From Rediff (whatever that is!):

Grover Norquist, founder and president of Americans for Tax Reform, has accused the Obama administration of political maneuvering when it comes to increasing the quota on H-1B visas for skilled foreign workers, the bulk of whom have traditionally been from India.

No Republican lawmaker dares cross Norquist, [that is too bad for America—ed] as the majority of them signed on to his Taxpayer Protection Plan, where they pledge never to vote for any legislation to increase taxes.

Norquist, during a teleconference that discussed the controversy over birthright citizenship, bemoaned the lack of immigration reform and said the paucity of guest workers has ‘raised concerns in the agriculture and the hospitality industry that they have no way of getting a guest worker program and they are certainly needed.’

“So it’s an economic issue,” he asserted and noted that ‘I have talked to the high tech industry people and they are very unhappy that their ability to get H-1B visas for hih tech workers visas has been greatly limited.’

“I have been talking to guys out in Silcon Valley and the Obama administration is just punitive in going after — not allowing high tech workers in — and some people think it’s politically motivated, Norquist said.

“There needs to be a broad conversation nationally on immigration,” he said, but acknowledged that ‘in the middle of a presidential campaign, it will be probably the worst time to expect an informed conversation by Republicans, Democrats or Independents on something like this.’

Norquist said he has been generally advising each of the Republican presidential campaigns ‘about the importance of having a pro-growth immigration policy as well as the simple question of making sure that they stay away from some of the voices of individuals who are pushing — who use high octane rhetoric that is unuseful, unhelpful and bad politics,’ on the immigration issue.

He said he had made clear to these campaigns to avoid ‘being hostile or insensitive to the immigrants who come here and have for hundreds of years and built this country.’

Republicans who listen to Norquist do so at their own peril.

Abdurahman Alamoudi in Federal Court today in Virginia.

I’m not switching topics, this is related.  An immigrant Norquist was not “hostile” or “insensitive” to, Abdurahman Alamoudi, will be testifying about the Muslim Brotherhood today.  This is what I received in an e-mail just this morning::

Abdurahman Alamoudi is testifying in Federal Court in Alexandria in an important yet little covered case of a guy who is a Muslim Brother and lied about it to federal investigators. Alamoudi will testify the defendant did, in fact, admit he told him he is a member of the MB.  Alamoudi is a Muslim Brother, Hamas operative, and a financier for Al Qaeda, now serving a long prison sentence in Supermax in Colorado.

So what do we know about Norquist and Alamoudi?   Here Frontpage magazine interviews author Paul Sperry about the relationship of Norquist, Norquist’s sidekick Suhail Khan and Alamoudi:

Sperry: As I reported in my first book, “Infiltration,” Norquist’s old lobbying firm, Janus-Merritt, was a registered agent for Alamoudi, and received some $40,000 from that dubious client. (Norquist and his Muslim partner at the firm also represented the Pakistani government on military aid.) In addition, Alamoudi gave Norquist at least $20,000 in seed money to start up an outwardly Republican front for the Brotherhood called the Islamic Free Market Institute, which was run by Alamoudi’s deputy and later appeared on a JTTF threat matrix.

FP: And that’s when Khan enters the picture?

Sperry: Right. Alamoudi sponsored Khan — Khan being the eldest son of one of the founding fathers of the Brotherhood in America. Norquist got Khan into the Bush White House as the gatekeeper for Muslims, whereupon he got al-Arian and other senior Brotherhood figures past security.

Read the rest of the “Muslim Brotherhood infiltrates the GOP” here.

One more thing!  Did you see that Dick Morris suggests the Muslim Brotherhood be labeled a “terrorist group,” here.  Great idea and about time!


  1. It is a testatment to the corrupt nature of politics that one single fruitcake
    like Norquist shapes American policy simply because of his “connections”
    Wasnt it Norquist that whispered in Bush’s ear that Islam was all about peace? An outrageous and tratiorous act..that ended up killing thousands of Americans when US foreign policy was built upon this lie. And Norquist continues his poisonous treachery with the H1 B visa scams. Does
    Norquist really want a “national conversation about immigration”? Of course
    not .He wants a controlled monologue in which his lies are never questioned.
    Over and over Americans have VOTED whenever they have had the chance
    to close the borders, stop the Third World takeover..expose Globalism
    for the treachery it is. Norquist pretends like none of this happened. No
    Arizona laws, no Alabama laws no Prop 187 no endless outrages of internal terrorism..for Norquist they make not one impression, because Norquist
    like his lifetime buddy and college roomate Jack Abramoff is a sociopath with an smiling face an charming manner and a relentless need to destroy

  2. Grover just mentions no new taxes but no new taxes with a lot of unskilled people leaves to a lot of debt. Grover, Army and some of the hard core anit-tax free trade tend to be open borders like many LIbertarian types.

  3. […] is going away?   Any connection between Pakistani money and lobbyists Norquist and Noorani?   Here is one, investigative author Paul Sperry says that Norquist lobbied for military aid for the Pakistani […]

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