Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 12, 2012

Massive land grab fund advancing in Congress, attack on rural America!

An issue that should get every Tea Party activist up in arms is the new push to use millions (billions!) of federal dollars to expand the federal ownership of land in the US.  Frankly, it is Communism straight up!

In recent years landowners who live near national parks, forests, and Bureau of Land Management land or are fortunate to own land that is valuable in some way—a forest, a lush wetland, land with resources below its surface, a historic site or even a historic home have been able to breath a sigh of relief because the government was broke and couldn’t take (often through condemnation) any more private land.

Now, we learn that the US Senate has passed an amendment for a massive expansion of the Land and Water Conservation Fund to take your property.

No matter how they present it (with a few sweeteners like how the public use will be expanded for hunters and recreationists) someone is going to lose their land!   The US is nothing and the Constitution is NOTHING without the right to own private property in this country.

Please visit American Land Rights Association to learn what you can do ( See the Friday March 9th action alert).  These are the same people who helped me keep my family farm adjoining Antietam National Battlefield in the late 1980’s.

Here is what they are saying in that alert:

The Senate just passed an Amendment to the Transportation Bill that added the Restore Act.  The Restore Act provides billions of dollars of the Gulf Oil Spill penalty money to the Gulf States but it also adds billions of dollars to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) to buy private land and convert it into government ownership.

It is CARA all over again [a failed 1999 effort to create such a fund, here–ed].  In a historic vote, the Senate added the Nelson LWCF Amendment (Restore Act) to the Senate Transportation Bill and takes billions of dollars of the Gulf Oil Penalty Money and gives it to the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).  This is an attack on Rural America.  It is an attack on you.  The LWCF is used to buy private land. 

In the past radical environmentalists and their friends in Congress/the White House have been able to garner support from recreationists and hunters interested in only their hobbies—it is a ruse.  As the government takes more and more land they actually curtail uses on the land, not expand them!

BTW, when you visit the website for the American Land Rights Association action alert, be sure to see the list of the 22 brave Republicans who voted against this amendment—you will see the true leaders who understand property rights.  Marco Rubio was one such leader.  He voted NO, but Scott Brown voted YES to take more American citizens’ land from them.



  1. Ann, it’s not immediately obvious where to click. If you give the links in your blog then people coming to the post later, after March 9 has moved way down the Land Rights blog, will be able to find it, and current readers will have an easier time. I did find where to click and I notice that at least two of the Republican nays are moderate Senators who are up for re-election — Richard Lugar and Lindsey Graham. That says something, doesn’t it?

    • Judy, Couldn’t find links, so let me know and I will definitely add them….

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