Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 12, 2012

Fast and Furious: Tea Party tells Boehner and his boys to stop hiding, go after Holder

You’ve probably noticed, as have I, that things have been pretty quiet on the Fast and Furious ‘gun walking’ debacle.

Now from The Hill we learn that in the districts of Speaker Boehner and his lieutenants, Reps. Cantor and McCarthy, the Tea Party is turning up the heat!

Local Tea Party activists are pressing House Republican leaders to pursue their investigation into the Operation Fast and Furious gun-tracking effort more aggressively.

The top three House Republicans have been slow* to lead the charge of the GOP’s criticism of the botched operation.

As a result, local Tea Party groups in the home districts of House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio), Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) are turning up the heat on the lawmakers.

Read the whole article for what is happening in Boehner’s district and in McCarthy’s, but closer to home a Richmond Tea Party activist had this to say about Cantor:

Colleen Owens, a Tea Party activist in Cantor’s Virginia district with the Richmond Tea Party, said she would like to see Cantor be more vocal about getting to the truth of who authorized Fast and Furious. Owens said if the party roles were reversed, Democrats would be out for political blood over the issue.

“Nobody can get to the bottom of this except Congress, and it’s [Cantor’s] responsibility as a leader in the House of Representatives to help make that happen,” said Owens, who emphasized that she is not a spokesperson for the group.

“I’m not sure why Republican leadership is not doing more on this, but I don’t think they will unless they hear from enough people asking about it. If this was George W. Bush’s administration, Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership would not be so passive about this.”

Cantor’s office said he has maintained a constant opinion that he is “deeply concerned” about Fast and Furious and supports Issa’s investigation. Though Cantor’s office could not point to any public statements made on the issue, they stressed that he has conveyed his opposition to the administration’s handling of Fast and Furious numerous times to constituents when asked about it.

Rep. Michele Bachmann is pushing Boehner and his boys too—you know this is why they blocked her from any leadership role when the Republicans took over the House in 2010.  They don’t want anyone close-by who might show them up with her strong convictions.  It is why the ruling class doesn’t like Palin either.

* These guys are slow to criticize Obamacare and illegal immigration—what are they afraid of?


  1. Maybe they are afraid that Obama will declare himself dictator, and disband the US congress as “unnecessary.” Why is anyone afraid of a bully?

    Could it be nothing more complicated than just fear of political retribution from voters, who they don’t trust as having commonsense enough to accept the truth and deal with it. I have a feeling that all elected leaders, with the exception of a few, have a healthy respect for the stupidity and weak character of voters. How easily they are led into “obama-land” by the bought news media.

    Why do you suppose that Bachmann did not win Iowa, her home state, where she campaigned so hard, and people knew her so well? Could it be that they they just didn’t trust their own instincts to follow the truth of their own convictions?

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