Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 10, 2012

Get’em Greta! Greta Van Susteren wins one for women

For your laugh of the day!

I didn’t mention it yesterday, but Fox News correspondent Greta Van Susteren alerted us to the news that the Radio and Television Correspondents Association would feature “comedian” Louis CK  (whoever the heck that is) at its next dinner and apparently he is the king of the misogynists.

Now comes news that Mr. CK has decided to turn down the invitation, presumably under pressure, and will not be speaking after all.   As I said here the other day, the Left is going to be sorry they started this with their lopsided attacks on Limbaugh.  In the “war on women” our side, the conservative side, has more arrows in the sling then the Left has!

From the New York Times blog (hat tip: Doug):

The comedian Louis C.K. has withdrawn from his role as the host of a dinner for the Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association in Washington, a press representative for the comedian said on Friday.

No further explanation for Louis C.K.’s cancellation was given by his press agent, but the announcement comes one day after the conservative Fox News commentator Greta Van Susteren called for a boycott of the event. [Be sure to see Greta’s post yesterday, here–ed]

On her blog on Thursday, Ms. Van Susteren criticized the comedian for jokes that he had made about Sarah Palin, saying “he denigrates all women and looks to the crowd for laughs.”

Ms. Van Susteren wrote on her blog: “Another pig…. and a media association has hired the pig, Louis C.K., to be their headliner for the big media dinner? Really? I am not going. I refuse to go. Everyone in the media should join me in this boycott.”

Read it all, savor the moment!

Afterthought:  Check out the latest from Kirsten Powers, here, too!  She doubles-down on her first brilliant column on the topic of Leftwing women-haters.



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  2. Well, right on Greta!

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