Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 8, 2012

I got a call from Sandra today!

Update March 21st:  More at Maryland Reporter about illegal robocall.

Update March 13th:   Gateway Pundit digs deeper, more here.

Update March 10th:  Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit reported today that these calls are illegal, here.  I told you they have gone too far this time with this flap over Fluke.

Well it sure sounded like Sandra Fluke!  And, she identified herself as a ‘woman of the 99%,’ so I figured it had to be her!

She called to let me know that 85-year-old Congressman Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) hated women.  Yeh, no kidding!  She said that she “couldn’t be silent anymore” and told me I couldn’t be either—that I had to call the elderly Bartlett (she gave me his number) and give him a piece of my mind because he was one of those waging “war on women.”   And, what was her proof?

He refused to repudiate Rush Limbaugh (so far).

And, she was calling in this recorded message to let me know that stunning piece of news and that we ninety-nine percenters “couldn’t be silent” any more (did I say that already?)…we had to fight back….for the women of America!

I would like to have asked her, are we fighting for the women of Saudi Arabia too, or just the downtrodden women of America.


  1. She called me too! I’ll have to call Bartlett to let him know I appreciate his refusal to repudiate Rush Limbaugh.

  2. […] night, after getting off the phone with Sandra (not!), I headed out to Funkstown for the Hagerstown Tea Party candidate forum.  I thought the […]

  3. Isn’t this great. Did you ever wonder why these things are always recorded messages? Yea, you can not ask a question, you can not repudiate anything being said, just follow along like a dog on a leash being led to the vet to be euthenized.

    But, as usual, I smell a rat. I wonder if there is any connection between the Govorner’s new re-districting map and the fact that Ms. 99%’er chose Senator Bartlett as their target? Hmmm, what a coincidence.

    • Apparently there were a lot of little dogs on a leash because I heard Bartlett’s office got a bunch of calls… I like that—dogs on a leash headed to being euthanized…

  4. […] the Left is going to be sorry they started this with their lopsided attacks on Limbaugh.  In the “war on women” our side, the conservative side, has more arrows in the sling then the Left […]

  5. […] is so funny.  Remember I told you “Sandra had called” on Thursday with a message directing me to call a specific Congressman (in my case Roscoe […]

  6. […] Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit isn’t letting it go.  The illegal robocall that I received and thousands and thousands of voters received that asked that call recipients blast their Representatives for not repudiating Rush Limbaugh went to key districts that the Democrat Party has targeted.   My original post with updates is here. […]

  7. […] I’m out of here in a few minutes and won’t have a computer for the next few days.  Sorry to say I fiddled around and didn’t get more posted as I had planned on Ms. Sandra and the pushback against her and the Dems regarding the Limbaugh/Fluke kerfuffle. […]

  8. […] received in Maryland’s Sixth District which targeted Rep. Roscoe Bartlett  (I reported it here a couple of weeks […]

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