Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 8, 2012

Cardin et al have the Dems in a tizzy over gay marriage plank

Remember I told you here recently that US Senator Ben Cardin was one of several Senators pushing the Democrat Party to add same-sex marriage to its party plank come convention time.

Well, here (at the Daily Caller) is Obama’s teams response so far—hear them wiggle (hat tip: Doug):

President Barack Obama’s campaign manager on Wednesday backed away from calls for the Democratic convention platform to endorse marriage licenses for same-sex couples.

“There is a process to go through this discussion,” said campaign manager Jim Messina. By the end of the September convention, he said, “we will have a platform,” but did not say whether it should include a marriage stance.

Instead, Messina slammed opponents of gay marriage.

“We’re the big tent party… we have a great record on fighting for fundamental fairness for all,” he said, adding that “our record stands in sharp contract with the other side.”

Messina’s equivocation came after Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa was asked at a Politico breakfast whether he supports “marriage equality” being included as a party plank.

“I certainly do support it, and have a for a long time,” said Villaraigosa, who is the chair of the Obama’s presidential convention in Charlotte, N.C.

However, Democratic officials have already subordinated marriage changes to their election-year plan.

So, what are they afraid of?

Messina’s caution illustrates the deep division between the party’s wealthy progressive leadership and its vital — but socially conservative — blocs of Latino and African-American voters.

Let me say it again:  They are scared to death that their rich people will drive away voters who have traditional social values akin to conservatives’ views.

We hear all this garbage from the mainstream media (rich progressives) that the electorate doesn’t want to hear about social issues, but what they really want is for those issues to be deep-sixed  because in fact further public discussion would highlight the Dems own internal problems.

I’m going to bet there are a lot of Democrat voters who were pretty unhappy to see Sandra Fluke’s “testimony” last week in favor of free sex (for wealthy law students).  How about a poll of Democrat voters on whether they agreed with Fluke’s demand?

If Republicans were smart they would make Fluke the poster girl for the Democrat party and ask in ads—does she represent your values?

However, don’t look for that happening anytime soon because with the Left’s attack on Limbaugh the Republican establishment has gone to ground.



  1. Anne,
    We live in interesting times. Cardin’s calculus for winning in Maryland looks a little desperate, hoping that the referendum-bill in MD will inspire a surge of support for his candidacy (since he can’t stand on his disgraceful record of inaction as member of the Senate budget committee) He is hoping that large number of MD gays will join in active support, as part of their desperate struggle to hold on to the same-sex marriage bill.

    By advocating for a platform plank in support, he will become a lightening rod for supporters. It’s a narrow “me” appeal for winning, since he’s not really thinking about what is good for party or country. But if Cardin can manage to get what he wants, whatever happens to his election, the whole Democrat party becomes enmeshed with the “homo-sexual” label – which is really just a way to destroy the family-oriented structure of society. It will certainly destroy the whole idea of marriage, and thus make people even more dependent on government as their real mommy and daddy.

    I believe that MD has been the socialistic crucible which has spawned the disease to spread around the country. So, it’s only right that we attack the disease at it’s core. Ben, we’re coming after you! We live in interesting times. It’s going to be a hot issue in the US Senate race this year. Most likely, the one that will make or break Ben’s ability to get a second term.

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