Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 7, 2012

Norquist sees a tax under every bed!

Update March 16th:  FAIR  hits Norquist et al on this foolishness as well, here.

Update:  See more on the National Foundation for American Policy, here.

That would be Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform who came out of the closet (again!) yesterday by announcing that doing away with birthright citizenship (when aliens enter the country and have babies) will effectively be a tax on all births—say what?

On many occasions I’ve reported that Norquist is a leading Open Borders advocate who will, I promise you, be in the forefront of amnesty legislation as soon as this election is over (no matter who is President!).  The establishment Republicans (a group which reveres Norquist) are staying away from any discussion of immigration right now knowing that they dare not rile up the Tea Party and generally conservative country-class voters (they saw what you are capable of in 2007 on the Kennedy/McCain/Bush amnesty bill) who want to close the borders—not open them further!

Frankly what is driving Norquist and his ilk is MONEY—money for their elite friends in big business who want the cheap labor.* And, who will in turn send MONEY to lobbyists like Norquist and their friends in Congress.

Here is the story from Texas on the Potomac (emphasis mine):

Anti-tax activist Grover Norquist believes Americans could effectively start paying a tax on having babies should conservative immigration advocates have their way on ending the right for automatic citizenship for babies born on U.S. soil.

“This is a tax on every child being born,” Norquist said on Monday during a conference call set by the National Foundation for American Policy** a nonpartisan think tank. “It solves no problems and instead creates all sorts of problems and costs in terms of Americans.”

The foundation released a report on Monday that shows that changing the Fourteenth Amendment’s Citizenship Clause, which guarantees U.S. citizenship to most American-born babies, would cost parents about $600 in government fees plus a similar amount in legal fees to validate their babies’ citizenship.

The federal government could collect nearly $2.4 billion per year with an estimate of 4 million annual births.

Advocacy groups that favor lower immigration and some Republicans have long proposed ending birthright citizenship. The mastermind of the tough immigration laws in Alabama and Arizona, Kris Kobach, who recently endorsed GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney, has supported this measure.

[Frankly, I think Kobach is going to be eating that endorsement—Romney, if he wins, will be going along with Boehner and McConnell and pushing so-called immigration reform.  Richard Falknor at Blue Ridge Forum told us about Boehner’s boys on this subject, here, a few days ago—ed]

Supporters argue the change would deter undocumented immigrants from moving into the United States. But the report issued on Monday challenges this argument.


Norquist on Monday deemed the conservatives’ call to end birthright citizenship a “non-solution” arguing that Republicans would be better off by embracing an overhaul of the country’s immigration system and stopping this “political game.”

If anyone is playing political games it is ‘I-led-three-lives’ Norquist!

* Here is just one story I wrote in a new category at my other blog about Immigration and jobs—the push is on to create a meme that immigrants are good for the economy.  In that article the US Chamber has joined forces with a radical-Soros Open Borders group to put out a study saying just that.  Also, yesterday, we see the Wall Street Journal telling us about silicon valley elite rich people (tech titans) pushing for more immigration/amnesty.  What? We don’t have enough American kids (minority kids too!) who could be groomed for your industries?

** Press release from this so-called nonpartisan think tank is here.  Report won’t open for me.


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  2. […] About two week ago I told you that Open Borders advocate and President of Americans for Tax Reform, Grover Norquist, preposterously claimed that if we got rid of birthright citizenship where babies born to illegal alien parents are automatically US citizens that it would cost American parents more because they would be required to pay a fee to prove they were legal citizens of the US.  Norquist claimed this “tax” would cost the economy more than the illegal alien babies do. […]

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