Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 7, 2012

Natonal Foundation for American Policy—where it pays to be a thinker!

National Foundation for American Policy, National Foundation for American Policy, National Foundation for American Policy!

So why am I repeating the name of the organization that Grover Norquist is out promoting (see previous post)—because the name is so d*** forgettable and I think that’s what they want.  It is bland, innocuous-sounding and who could be against a foundation for thinkers about American Policy for goodness sakes!

Well, in this case, it is only one thinker—former CATO employee Stuart Anderson whose name is as forgettable as the name of his THINK TANK.

Don’t you just love it—guys (and women) like Norquist set up ‘think tanks’ (letterhead and a website) and crank out reports to get their personal views out and the media laps it right up.  Heck, I could make up a think tank (and you wouldn’t have to pay me) and put out reports promoting my views—that is basically what Anderson is doing, except he is paid by someone—who?  Norquist’s ATR? Marriott hotels? Tyson Foods? the US Chamber of Commerce? Advocates for more Muslim immigration like Spencer Abraham (who, golly gee, happens to be one of a couple people on the advisory board of the National Foundation for American Policy) and was Anderson’s former boss on the Hill (see Mr. Anderson’s bio from CATO here).

By the way, there is a lot on the world-wide web on former US Senator and Bush Secretary of Energy, Spencer Abraham, and his advocacy for increased Arab immigration to the US, but I’ll let you google that (google ‘Spencer Abraham and Muslims’ and you will see what I mean!).

Back to Anderson:

Check out the most recent Form 990 for the National Foundation for American Policy.  The prestigious think tank took in $222,636 in that year for “public policy research.”  Now go to page 10 where we learn that Anderson was paid $162,127 and had additional benefits of $25,139 for a total package of $187,267.  There were tiny bits of expenses for phone and office (his home?) and not a lot more.

So Mr. Stuart Anderson does a media splash for a report that says illegal immigrants who enter the country and give birth to US citizen babies are actually helping the US economy (never mind the enormous costs of unpaid hospital bills and educating the youngsters) and his buddy Norquist says if we do away with ‘birthright citizenship’ you all (legal Americans) will be taxed to have babies.

Achtung! these are the think tank people, the ‘smart’ people, who run Washington and you better believe what they say! (Not!)


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