Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 6, 2012

Rally for Rush!

Update:  Carbonite tanking on stock market—you are doing good!  By the way for some of us using Carbonite (because we heard about it from Limbaugh) what’s an alternative company?

Whether you are a Rush Limbaugh fan or not, if you are a conservative and believe in free speech you need to do what Andrew would do—Andrew Breitbart that is—and fight back!

Today at American Spectator, Jeffrey Lord gives us a full accounting of the seven sponsors who have halted their advertisements on Limbaugh’s popular radio show. Hat tip: Doug.  Here is what Lord says—it is now Rush’s turn:

Right on cue, the blacklisting crowd came out of their Stalinist caves. Having driven Lou Dobbs from CNN, cut off Beck‘s windpipe at Fox, severed Pat Buchanan from MSNBC, thus emboldened they have now set their sights on Rush.

Here are the companies, please visit American Spectator to learn about some of these companies and their connections to the socialist Left, and then find out what you can do—for Andrew and for freedom!

Sleep Train
Sleep Number
Legal Zoom
Quicken Loans

Call early, call often and then do it again tomorrow!

Update:  Aol also says it will stop advertising, here.


  1. You know, I read Lord’s blog this morning and I found it completely lame. He couldn’t even provide us with phone #’s to call?

    The left is way more organized, energetic and tech-savvy than we are. Sad but true fact. You can spin it that we have families and jobs and no deep-pocket liberal foundations to fund us all you want. But take a look at the Boycott Rush websites and Facebook pages and you’ll see the Right really needs to up its game if we think we can make a boycott work.

  2. Paul, if you scroll down the article he has phone numbers—for all of them as far as I can tell. Maybe they weren’t in the post this morning, but they are there now. I’ve been out, so haven’t tried calling myself but plan to tomorrow.

    Since I recently used ProFlowers because of Rush’s ad I am going to tell the company that too…..

    • My bad! (I must have hit the “Last>” button instead of the “>” button after the second page. )

      • Yes, it did go on for a lot of pages… I think our side is learning, it’s just that this type of ‘in your face’ confrontation of a company (or anyone) is not in our general make-up. But, we are just going to have to do it…

        By the way, did you see that dreadful e-mail from Cliff Kincaid who I normally appreciate very much—he really blasted Rush and it sounded more like Kincaid was jealous of Limbaugh’s financial success….it was very weird!

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