Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 5, 2012

Wonder why your college kid can’t get a summer job?

Look no further then a State Department program that brings 100,000 foreign students to the US each summer to work low-wage jobs.

The US State Department’s Summer Work Travel program imports 100,000 kids from abroad each summer.  They work cheap and are described as virtual slaves to big business.  The Center for Immigration Studies will hold a panel discussion on the program in Washington, DC on March 13th.   Read all about it here.

If you are trying to help your student get a job or want to see American minority kids have summer jobs, you should be telling your legislators in Washington that this program stinks!

Since when did the US State Department become the headhunter for big business?

And, this is just another reminder to think before you speak!  When you say that “legal” immigration is good and “illegal” is bad, you simply do not know what you are talking about!  As we have tried to show on these pages, there are many “legal” immigration programs (like Temporary Protected Status) that may have begun with good intentions but now need to be either reformed, put on hold, or abolished altogether as our employment situation shows no signs of getting better any time soon.


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