Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 5, 2012

Oh no! Obama G-8 summit to disrupt quiet western Maryland

Geez!  Did you see this?  Obama, afraid of all hell breaking loose in Chicago when the G-8 summit occurs in May, is moving the big-wig pow-wow to Camp David in Frederick County, MD.

What a mess that will make.  If just the President comes, roads are closed as is the nearby State Park.  Last time he was there people for miles around had to put up with the constant noise of jet fighters overhead (I don’t know what the Secret Service was afraid of!).  Imagine what it will be like this time!

And, look for all the Lefty loon occupy protesters crawling all over western Maryland.  Euwww!


  1. I think it is good the G-8 is coming to Fredrick so that people can protest against it. Even people with a different anti-establishment ideology can oppose it for making the wealthy richer and more powerful.

  2. Heh! Look on the bright side! Frederick is patriot ground. We hold the high ground here. Let the forces of evil power in this world come to adrakis (the spice must flow – DUNE) — the whole universe will be focused in a place where we can surround them. Be sure there are lots of welcoming signs like “don’t tread on me” and “we surround them” Let’s get all the flags out along the way. Let’s show the world the face of Maryland patriots. A sign-wave would be good for your favorite patriot candidate. Let’s show them the real vision of peaceful, orderly America — committed to freedom with discipline and order. It’s a show-case for liberty. It’s good ground.

    I just came back from that area where Free State Patriots carried out a lovely candidate forum for US congress in cd 06. It is very inspiring to meet such committed patriots who are giving up their regular lives to offer up their time and effort to serve our country. Maybe if Mr. Obama and leaders around the world saw this face of America, it will remind them of the importance of what they are doing to people.

    I remember when I was doing a workshop in Scotland, just down the road from where the G-8 was being held at the same time. The roads were clogged with bikers from all over the world. Gives you a feeling of importance. Just the day before, however, a bomb exploded in the UK subway system. So, it brings a lot of issues together in one place. We are living in interesting times.

    When all the world is in turmoil, what a tribute to western Maryland, that the powers all come to this peaceful, patriotic area to figure out what to do on these weighty issues. Remember, the camp David peace accords in the middle east. (Is that still in force?)

    • Lee, Let me know who will organize the patriot protesters and where and I will surely post on it… As for the Camp David Peace Accords, Sadat was assassinated by the Muslim Brotherhood for striking any deal with Israel and the MB now controls Egypt. MB is now working in the US and has a friend in the White House …oh well.

      But, yes we live in interesting times….

      • Anne;
        I wish I could report a more glowing account of progress in the world towards true natural peace, order, freedom, and harmony throughout all mankind. We can, however, do our part in this little corner of paradise. I’m just saying there are some good, solid patriot voices in western Maryland, and the G-8 summit is a chance to confront the evil in the world with a measure of our particular sanity.

        I predict that, just like Scotland before, there will be signs and protestors of all sorts, on the roads that lead to camp david. just like Scotland, they will keep the noise well away from the actual event. The “occupy” crowd will probably try to charge over the cow fields to get into the meeting room; and police dogs will have to chance them away. The typical news media will be all over that.

        I don’t know where to position the rally for peace and sanity in this situation. Maybe the sign should say “pray for peace” — and a typical, well-disciplined, orderly rally with signs that are suitable to the occasion. Like “stop the spending madness” and “cut spending now” “we support liberty” “for constitutional government” “no more deficit spending” and “balanced budget now” Any time you get a lot of press, people want to put their signs. Let’s do our part. A few people holding up the signs would be good as well.

        Maybe you have some idea where to rally the troops — maybe someone could offer the proposal to Tea Party Patriots-national. Just an idea. But, I would look to the local Frederick patriots to lead this effort. I would like to see Maryland patriots in the thick of it. Nobody comes to our backyard and pushes us around (Rudy)


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