Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 4, 2012

Update: Uncle Omar says he is innocent in drunk driving case

This is the latest on President Obama’s Uncle Omar, here, at American Thinker today.

It’s 2012 and Barack Obama’s uncle Onyango Obama is back in court. Onyango is brother to the President’s late father Barack Sr., which may explain why, in an astonishing display of Obama family consanguinity, Onyango, aka ‘Uncle Omar,’ displays a genetic propensity to plead innocent regardless of what kind of chaos he’s caused.


Maybe Omar was rushing to Boston to visit Barack’s famous Aunt Zeituni.  Zeituni Onyango lived illegally in Massachusetts since 2000; she was “denied asylum by an immigration judge in 2004” but decided to stay for six more years, during which time she was honored to attend her nephew Barack’s inauguration.  In 2010 Aunt Zeituni “was granted asylum” after a judge felt she faced “discrimination in Kenya as a member of the Luo tribe.”

In lieu of traditional circumcision, the Luo people are among the few Kenyan tribes that have an initiation into manhood wherein they remove six front teeth from the lower jaw.  In Kenya Aunt Zeituni would get to keep her teeth, but for Omar it’s a completely different story, keeping his teeth may be why the President’s uncle has felt it necessary to dodge an order of deportation for the last 20 years.

If you have never heard of Obama’s mysteriously here-to-fore missing (not!) illegal alien Uncle Omar, visit our previous seven posts written since he was “discovered” allegedly drunk in Massachusetts, here. …


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