Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 4, 2012

Casa de Maryland opposes talented and gifted programs in public schools

They say such programs are elitist and everyone should be treated the same—what else would you expect from good socialists! Of course no one is smarter, more talented, more athletic then the other guy.  The next thing you know they will say everyone deserves the same salary no matter what their job.  Heck, some even deserve a salary just for being!

Maybe you saw it last week, but I missed the story until just now.  The Baltimore Sun editorialized, here, against CASA’s (and the NAACP’s) stance.

New rules on school gifted and talented programs approved today by the state board of education have drawn fire from a coalition of groups that say such programs harm poor and minority students. The critics, which include Casa de Maryland and the Montgomery County NAACP, argue that the very act of labeling some students and not others as gifted creates winners and losers, and that the principal victims of such inequality are African-Americans, Hispanics and students from low-income families.

But surely the solution isn’t to abolish gifted and talented programs entirely, as the critics propose. Rather, it should be to make sure as many minority and low-income children as possible participate in academically enriched programs. The state ought to be working closely with advocacy groups to identify and recruit such students and to monitor their progress. That’s not “elitism,” as critics charge, but an altogether worthwhile effort to draw out the best from the state’s most exceptional students.

Read it all.

Wouldn’t you think their better course of action would be to find and nurture gifted minority kids so that they could get into these programs—even the Sun editors get that.



  1. To charge that gifted and talented programs promote elitism is a farce, to portend that it victimizes African-American and Hispanics is an even bigger farce. Is Casa de Maryland insinuating that there are no gifted African-Americans or Hispanics? How ridiculous is that?

    It seems that Casa de Maryland, and the Montgomery County NAACP apparently subscribe to Pink Floyd’s (Sp?) “Just another brick in the wall” theory.

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