Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 2, 2012

‘Choosing the Future’ conference to address urban conservative issues

Editors note:  This is a guest column written by my friend and colleague Tonya Tiffany, a founding member of the Maryland Conservative Action Network.

“Most Tall People go to bad schools.
Most Vegetarians go to bad schools.
Most inner city youth go to bad schools….
Why are the the first two statements considered absurd, but as a nation we accept the third?”

Dan Bongino U.S. Senate Candidate

True Education Reform can’t wait and neither can the youth of our Urban Areas.

Recently I met a Baltimore man who told me that he knew it was over for him in the 8th grade.  You see he was an honors student in public school.  His neighbor was a 5th grader in private school.  Yet one day they discovered they had the same text book.  Think about it..  an 8th grade honors student and a 5th grader being taught the same curriculum.

Last week I met a woman who earlier in life had been a teacher and when she retired from the federal government she wanted to give back.  She earned her teachers certificate and went to teach Algebra in a Baltimore City high school.  She had some kids that she was working with fractions, others with multiplication and others basic algebra.  The brand new textbooks barely covered the basics of Algebra and she went into storage to dig out older books that were better.  The system in place wouldn’t allow her to handle the class in a way that would truly help the kids.  The teachers in power didn’t want her there.  Yet they loved the teacher next door who couldn’t spell, had horrible grammar  and couldn’t add correctly.

If you live on the shore, in the mountains or in rural areas you might not think this applies to you and your grassroots effort to bring sanity back to the nation.  You would be wrong.  The majority of our population is in our Urban Areas.  It is the stronghold of liberals who have decimated many areas in Economics, Education and destruction of family values.  This means, especially in MD, that our statewide elections are controlled by the Urban Area vote.

Areas that have been rejuvenated in the cities have often kicked out the lower income families that used to live there and displaced them into awful areas.  When I drive through the Druid Hill Area of Baltimore City I am horrified.  There are run down houses, stores with bars across the windows and boarded up buildings that have been condemned.  I see people who have lost hope that they will get a fair shake in this world and it breaks my heart.

The Republican party is no longer the party of Frederick Douglass.  The party that championed freedom from slavery.  We have it alive and well today in the form of Tyrannical Taxes to fuel more government growth and spending.  Where the Government owns the deed of most houses and takes the majority of our hard earned money.  The media is the puppet of the liberal propaganda machines and we are losing the culture wars.  It is time to put a stop to the nonsense.  Time to have frank discussions where we acknowledge what has gone wrong and figure out how to solve the problems.

“Choosing The Future” an Urban Conservative Conference that MD CAN will be co-sponsoring with several other groups aims to have those discussions.  This inaugural event will discuss Liberal Effects on the city, Education Reform, Immigration, City Economics,  Prison Reform, Rebuilding Stronger Families and Government Corruption.

We hope that you will join us on April 21st at the Kellogg Conference Center on Galludet University’s campus for an all day event and maybe join us the night before for a wonderful dinner.  Early bird Registration of $55 will end on March 15th, so sign up now!  Register online here We have sponsorships and program advertising available and would welcome them as we are trying to keep the costs low for the average person to be able to attend.

Hope to see you in April!

Yours in freedom, Tonya

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