Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 1, 2012

The Government as the Candy Man

This is your wake-up with a laugh post for the day! 

Yesterday, we all had a good start laughing over the fact that Obama forgot Governor Martin (mini-me) O’Malley’s first name in front of forty-plus governors from across the fruited plain.   Obama asked (sans teleprompter I assume):  Where is Jack? (oops!)

Reader Greg quipped:   We’ve known for a long time that Obama doesn’t know jack!

Today, if you aren’t already one of the 4.9 million viewers of this 2009  parody of the 1970’s Sammy Davis Candy Man hit song, watch this and laugh!  Hat tip: Doug

I offer you two versions.   First, here is a clean-cut version with great props.  And, here is a version that is more appropriate for the times with comedian Tim Hawkins looking like he just left an Occupy Wall Street camp.

You can catch Tim Hawkins live in Maryland in May, check out his schedule here including a show in Frederick!

His version of The Candy Man becomes more prescient with each passing day, send it to your friends!  (I’m going back to watch it one more time now!)

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