Posted by: Ann Corcoran | March 1, 2012

Battle of Maryland, good summary of where we are on Dream Act

Paul Mendez of Help Save Maryland has a really succinct recitation of where we are with the Dream Act “battle” published at VDARE yesterday.  Entitled, ‘The Battle of Maryland: Radical Left (and Big Business) vs. Immigration Patriots Over DREAM Act, Mendez’s article has some new information you may not have seen and lots of links for further study.

Please visit VDARE, here, and check out this good overview of where we have been and what we are still up against.

One more thing!  Please revisit this post and print out the point/counterpoint on how to answer family, friends and neighbors about what the Dream Act really does.



  1. An excellent piece, good work Paul ! The battle is not over yet.

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