Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 29, 2012

Obama: Where is Jack?


Here is your morning chuckle:

Can you believe it!  Obama forgot O’Malley’s name at a governors’ dinner in the White House on Monday!   Nevermind that Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley is chairman of the Democratic Governors Association and is doing “everything he can” to help Obama get re-elected.

This is Hayley Peterson writing at the Washington Examiner yesterday:

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has made no secret of his admiration for President Obama, adopting his political agenda wholesale, defending his every move and even mimicking Obama’s phraseology in speeches.

So it must have startled the governor when the president couldn’t recall his name Monday.

“Jack O’Malley? Where’s Jack?” Obama asked about four dozen governors gathered in the State Dining Room. Obama looked left, then right, and left again. After a short — and painfully awkward — pause, Obama corrected himself.

“Ah, ah, not — Martin. Where’s Martin? Sorry, I was –” Obama said, stumbling over his words.

I’ll let you decide how it has come to be that one of the sharpest political minds the world has ever seen (according to some “smart” people of the pundit class), Barack Hussein Obama, had a senior moment.

Peterson goes on to describe how O’Malley seems to love all things Obama, and then says this:

On illegal immigrants, alternative energy and same-sex marriage, O’Malley’s agenda is indistinguishable from Obama’s.

Really?  Has Obama decided where he stands on same-sex marriage?  We know it is O’Malley’s signature achievement in Maryland this year.   But, I thought Obama was “still evolving” on an issue that has caused a great chasm between blacks and whites in the Democrat Party.



  1. LOVE IT – LOVE IT – LOVE IT !!! This is truly RICH. One pathological narcissist forgets the name of another pathological narcissist !!!


    The next time there is any rally on lawyer’s mall, people ought to chant –
    ‘Oh J a a a c k ……where are you ? C’mon out and talk to us J A C K “

    • Oh, you are so right. Remember Alinsky says that the most powerful political weapon is ridicule—let’s turn it on them. At every MD rally some should have signs that just say, Where is Jack? And, LOL! my first thought too was that of course narcissists like Obama would forget the names of their sycophants..

  2. […] forty-plus governors from across the fruited plain.   Obama asked (sans teleprompter I assume):  Where is Jack? […]

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