Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 28, 2012

Wyoming considering “doomsday” plan

Did you see this yesterday at The Blaze?  The state of Wyoming is considering legislation that would help state agencies prepare for a collapse of the national government and thus help its citizens survive the ensuing chaos.

Here are a few paragraphs from the story, read the whole article yourself.   Is there any downside to being prepared?

In the event that America’s political system or economic stability collapses, some Wyoming lawmakers contend that a viable plan must be in place. Enter Bill 85, which passed its first vote in the state’s House on Friday. If advanced, the “Doomsday Bill” would create a state-run government task force that would explore and handle energy supplies, food shortages and other needs related to a potential nationwide governmental collapse.

“The task force would include state lawmakers, the director of the Wyoming Department of Homeland Security, the Wyoming attorney general and the Wyoming National Guard’s adjutant general, among others,” reports

And here’s the kicker: If, indeed, such a horrific incident takes hold, Wyoming would potentially be able to issue its own currency — an action that would allow the state to isolate and self-contain, while continuing its commerce and operations. Additionally, reports that the proposed task force will examine the conditions under which the state government would need its own army, aircrafts and other materials.

Here is a completely unrelated factoid about Wyoming.  In 1980, Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter put in place the Refugee Resettlement Act.  From the outset Wyoming has refused to resettle refugees and is the only state that does not participate in the BILLION dollar program to bring third-world refugees to America.

Maryland resettled 32,986 needy people through 2008.  10,000 of those resettled in Maryland are Russians, but large numbers of Somalis, Afghans, Iranians, Iraqis and Liberians are in the mix.  And, LOL! by contrast, Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware resettled a paltry total of 774 refugees.

Why do I mention this? It’s just that Wyoming strikes me as a fascinating and attractive state that must be made up of residents who don’t give a flying c*** about political correctness as this “doomsday” planning would indicate.  I wonder what their tax rates are?

Update:  Another doomsday article, this time at USA Today of all places, here.



  1. A friend of mine and his wife are selling their business and moving from Maryland to Wyoming. They started the process several years ago, and hope to finish the transition this year.

    • Paul, maybe you could keep us informed about your pioneer friends! Although if its going so well, too many Marylanders fleeing to Wyoming might wreck Wyoming!

  2. I received this article via an email from a friend. He lives in Maryland and I live in Wyoming. It is wonderful to see that others are catching on to the fact that Wyoming does things right. We balance the budget every year, have business friendly regulations, and resident friendly taxes. The article asked what our tax rates are, most of the state is around 4%. Here in Casper we have 5% and that is sales tax. We do not have state income tax. For the most part we are gun toting, constitution loving, law abiding citizens. We like to be prepared for what ever life may throw at us. Now we are trying to apply that same principle of self reliance to the situation our current president/government is trying put our nation in.
    We know what works. We want to continue to do what works and we will fight for it.

    • Sounds like heaven! But, don’t broadcast it too widely or you will be flooded with “immigrants” from the East. And, by “immigrants” I mean Americans trying to escape places like Bluuueee Maryland!

      • Or from the state of California. I love Wyoming and Montana!
        Heaven on earth.

      • Thanks for the concern! However, the people of Wyoming who love freedom, self reliance, and other conservative principles are also the same people that won’t roll over and let those trying to push a socialist or liberal agenda down their throats ruin our state. If they come here, they are welcome to stay as long as they contribute. No whining. No laziness. No entitlement mentality. We all work hard to have our state work right.

  3. Brilliant! Bill 85 is nothing short of brilliant in my estimation. If the american economy and government should collapse and, in my estimation, another four years of Obama will most likely ensure that it does, states should have “doomsday” plans.

    The federal government receives it’s power from the states, if I understand the constitution properly. Just because the federal government fails-doesn’t mean that we have to cease being America.
    Good For Wyoming!

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