Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 21, 2012

Liberal Minnesota Court draws Michele Bachmann out of her district

This is a subject we know well here in Maryland, except here it was Governor O’Malley backed by a Court.

I like Rep. Bachmann and thought throughout the time she was in the Presidential campaign that at least if she didn’t make it, she would challenge the squishy House Republican leadership and be a continuous thorn in their side.  Now she has a tough slog ahead to even hold onto her seat.

This is from Michele in an e-mail just now:

Just as we suspected, the liberal courts have changed the makeup of Minnesota’s Congressional districts. The courts’ liberal bias was evident by cherrypicking the districts and going so far as to draw my home — where I have raised my family and represented in Congress for the past six years — outside the new sixth district.

She says she will run in her district anyway which includes some new areas. You may want to visit her website to see how you can help her.

Bachmann endeared herself to me because she is the only elected official I have ever seen raise the issue of Somali enclaves growing in certain sections of the US (an issue I have followed closely for 4 years).   Her district did (maybe still does) include large Somali populations—some came on their own from Minneapolis and more recently they have been resettled there by the US State Department to work in meatpacking.  The Somalis have caused much controversy especially as it relates to school and workplace demands for special religious accommodation, but more shockingly two Somali women in Minnesota were recently convicted in a terror financing case.  Bachmann actually had the you-know-whats to bring it up in a Presidential debate,  here.

If you have the stamina, you might want to wade through this post I wrote in 2010 about how hard Left agitators and the Somalis are working together for community “change” in St. Cloud, MN.


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