Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 21, 2012

Guatemalan Foreign Minister wants Temporary Protected Status for fellow countrymen in US illegally

Update March 4th:  Maryland Senator Ben Cardin is one of six US Senators pushing for TPS for Syrians, hereUpdate March 25th:  Obama grants TPS to Syrians, here.

While we are all busy arguing over illegal immigration and how to combat it, the Obama administration is busy with backdoor amnesty.  One such program to legalize the illegals is quietly becoming increasingly popular— Temporary Protected Status (TPS)

Just recently TPS was extended for Salvadorans who have been here illegally for more than a decade.  We’ve also extended TPS for Haitians who got here illegally prior to the earthquake.  And, now in light of the turmoil in Syria, an open borders cabal* is asking for TPS for Syrians.

The basic idea behind TPS is that those who are in the country illegally, or whose Visas might expire are allowed to stay and WORK in the US because it would be a hardship on their country (and the illegals themselves) to send them back to a country that is a mess for some reason.

However, the way things are going, this administration would have a good excuse not to deport illegals back to almost any country in the world for some reason.

Now we learn that Guatemala wants TPS for its people here too—because of heavy rains related to tropical storm Agatha nearly two years ago!

Here is the story:

Guatemala, Feb 20 (Prensa Latina) Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, Harold Caballeros, will travel to Washington on Tuesday to meet with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said an official source.

With his U.S. counterpart, Caballeros will discuss issues related to the proposal of his President, Otto Perez Molina, to decriminalize drugs, an initiative already rejected by Washington. Caballeros will also reiterate for the third time, the request to grant Temporary Protected Status to Guatemalans living in the US without documentation, to avoid deportation.

This condition was first requested by the previous administration of Alvaro Colom following the devastation caused to this nation in 2010 by heavy rains mainly associated with tropical storm Agatha and other adverse weather conditions.

By the way, Guatemalans make up the second largest group of Central Americans in the US (behind the largest group—Salvadorans).  Check out the numbers here at wikipedia.  Many came in illegally with the sanctuary movement of the religious Left that included Catholic and Quaker “sanctuary” workers (I told you all about that here).  In fact, one leading Quaker activist started CASA de Maryland in a church in Takoma Park, MD—Betty Rainbow Hoover.

Do you know why Guatemalan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Harold Caballeros, is so anxious for illegal Guatemalan’s to be able to stay in the US and WORK—so they can send legal remittances back to Guatemala to prop up that country.  American workers are s****** so US dollars can go back to Guatemala.  So much for immigrants working and fueling our economy!

Once again, please stop saying “Illegal immigration is bad, but legal immigration is good!”

* The gang urging Syrian TPS:

United for a Free Syria (UFS), in close coordination with a broad coalition including the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), Syrian Expatriates Organization (SEO), Syrian Emergency Task Force (SETF), Syrian Americans for Democracy (SAD), South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT), Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants (USCRI), and Refugee Council USA (RCUSA).



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  2. I also want TPS or at least dual citizenship from Ireland and Germany because that is where my ancestors came from. I want to be able to work under the table like all of our “New American’s” do in Maryland (since I would probably open up a little tea shop) and NOT HAVE TO PAY ANY TAXES! In fact I DEMAND IT! Also, due to heavy rains that left a big mudslide in my back yard, I demand a stone mason do major stone work all over my front and back yard (so it will match) and then of course I must have a LANDSCAPE crew to plant an
    English garden and to install a soothing burbling pond- fountain- COMPLETE WITH FISHIES!; and while you are at it- I want one of those Sun porches so that I can enjoy all of this and recuperate…My nerves are very bad after living in Maryland my whole life and having been subjected to the bullying tactics of CASA de MD, high taxes, rude legislators when I testify in Annapolis, red light cameras, big brother encroaching everywhere..etc…NERVES ARE POSITIVELY SHOT! I do NOT think I should pay for any of this, and how dare you suggest such a thing! I will then call you a XENOPHOBE! I feel that I have worked hard enough for lousy pay and suffered much abuse my entire life, and since I am taxed without any representation- I DESERVE these things! I also need a chauffer to stop by every morning and pick me up and phsycially escort me into the limo.(until I can get TPS in Ireland) This is because I live on a hill, and when it is icy in the morning I have a major anxiety attack due to the fact that I am now crippled with a knee cap that is blown out….I can’t get to my car without peril. I feel- no, I **KNOW** that I am entitled to these few things, at the very least….or better yet, a brand new home over looking the sea. Everyone appears to be entitled to so many things….I just thought I would ask and see what happens! One last request is that I am made QUEEN of MARYLAND. Then I can end all of this NONSENSE!

    • how rude of you, you have no idea what people live through in other countries. if they didnt have to work under the table then they wouldnt. most immigrants are more than willing to pay taxes!!!

  3. I know my post was incredibly SILLY…but I honestly cannot GET OVER THE RIDICULOUS “entitlement” mentality that I am witnessing AND HELPING TO PAY FOR! Just like other human beings I want much more than I have. I learned early in life that Santa just couldn’t bring me that Barbie Dream house and I should be grateful for what I got……oh well… I just figured I would put some of it in writing to show how positively IDIOTIC this has all become. But HONESTLY If I were “Queen of Maryland,” I would put the screws to all of this nonsense ASAP.PLUS I WOULD HAVE A DUNGEON!!! ha aha ahha!!!!!!!!. I have to laugh at this situation because I simply cannot believe I am living it.

  4. I’m a big supporter of TPS if it is used appropriately. Unfortunately, it often isn’t. Syria is an entirely appropriate use. Given the conditions on the ground, pretty much any Syrian has a well founded fear of persecution if they return to their country, and therefore would be entitled to political asylum if they applied for it. Since unlike political asylum, TPS is temporary, it avoids giving permant legal status to refugees, while still protecting them, and avoids the need to clog up the legal system with a lot of asylum cases. On the other hand, using it as is increasingly being done, when the problem in the home country is merely bad living conditions after a natural disaster is completely inappropriate, and contrary to the intention of the legislation.

    • Heather, TPS is not temporary. It is supposed to be but never is. Take the Liberians for example, they were given TPS years ago but now they have established homes, businesses etc. so we don’t return them to Liberia. As Mark Krekorian (of the Center for Immigration Studies) pointed out years ago—there is nothing quite so permanent as a “temporary” refugee. And, although those here in TPS are able to work and get drivers licenses, but are not permitted citizenship—how many do you think are voting anyway once they obtained drivers licenses. How many TPS Salvadorans in Maryland are voting even though they can never be citizens (unless they marry an American)….

      As for the Syrians, there is no guarantee that every Syrian in the US at this time (who would be eligible for TPS) is necessarily on the side of the good guys in Syria (whatever that side is)…Are the Shias the good guys or the Sunnis?

      How about TPS for Yemenis? Libyans? Egyptians? Uzbeks? Where does it end?

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