Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 20, 2012

What is Jodi Kantor’s problem?

Jodi Kantor you may recall is the author of “The Obama’s,”  a book I’ve discussed many times on these pages.  If you are a new reader, the best piece I saw on her assessment of a highly dysfunctional White House is here.   You may recall that when the book was released, White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley resigned (coincidence?), here.

At the same time the book came out, Michelle Obama did some media rounds proclaiming, “I am not an angry black woman,” here.  And, those interviews were followed with scathing media attacks on the book’s author—Jodi Kantor (here is Soledad O’Brien going for the jugular).

Fast forward to last week….

Kantor appeared on the Sean Hannity show late last week, and when Hannity asked her about the media attacks on her and her book, she played dumb—she had this incredulous look on her face—what ‘who me?’  No one attacked me?  Huh!

But, that wasn’t what made me wonder what is going on.  Perhaps, I wondered charitably, she is one of those people who doesn’t get social cues. Maybe she didn’t “get it” that Soledad O’Brien was out to destroy her credibility (afterall, she had that same ‘who me?’ look on her face as O’Brien “hammered” her).

Then this is what really made me take notice:

Hannity asked her about Valerie Jarrett and linked Jarrett to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.  I couldn’t find a clip of the segment, but paraphrasing Kantor she said, ‘as far as I know Jarrett doesn’t even know Wright.’   What!!!  This woman has just written an entire book on the Obama’s, some of it coming from interviews with Jarrett, and she thinks Jarrett may not know Jeremiah Wright.  Did Kantor read nothing other authors have written?

Of course Ms. Jarrett knew Wright!   She met the engaged Barack and Michelle in 1991 and was among the 130 guests at the Obama’s wedding at Trinity United officiated by black liberation theology pastor Jeremiah Wright.  By all accounts, Jarrett has been with the family (the third member in the marriage it seems) ever since. Wright, we are told, also baptized the Obama daughters.  I’ll bet Jarrett has even been a member of the good reverend’s church.

Here is Christopher Anderson in his ‘must-read’ (but Kantor didn’t read) biography “Barack and Michelle” (page 157):

On October 3, 1992—a Saturday—some 130 invited guests filled the pews of Trinity United Church of Christ to see Michelle LaVaughn Robinson wed Barack Hussein Obama.  The best man [Barack’s half brother Roy/aka Abongo] wore a traditional black African gown trimmed in white and a matching cap.


In keeping with Barack’s Kenyan roots and the Afrocentric bent of Trinity United, several in attendance—including the Reverend Jeremiah Wright—joined Malik Abongo in wearing traditional African dress.  But most, including Valerie Jarrett, Jesse Jackson [whose daughter Santita was Michelle’s maid of honor]*, and the scores of public officials, corporate lawyers, business leaders, activists, academics, and community organizers who made up their rapidly expanding world, opted for the usual business suits and dressy outfits.

So, what are we to conclude about Kantoreither she doesn’t know her subject very well and didn’t do her homework or she was deliberately spinning to Hannity and lied—first when she denied she was attacked by the media and later as Hannity was linking the whole bunch to radicals like Wright?

***Update***  Here Kantor says she has focused on the Obamas for five years.

Related:  The mainstream media failed horribly in 2007 and 2008 in not exposing Obama’s radical connections to people like Jeremiah Wright, yet in 2012 the media is all too happy to connect Rick Santorum to one politically incorrect statement (the aspirin remark) that one of his key supporters uttered last week.  Santorum calls the media on their hypocrisy, here.  And, by the way, Foster Friess was correct about that aspirin technique—it would work and be inexpensive too!

* Wouldn’t you love to know how Jackson came to want to cut Obama’s “nuts out” in 2008 when he (and his daughter) were long-time Obama family friends.  With friends like these….. so the saying goes.


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