Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 20, 2012

Just a little housekeeping note

Every blogger has his or her own way of managing posts and comments.  Here at Potomac Tea Party Report, I post whenever I feel moved to write about something and have the time.  Unfortunately, on some days or whole weekends I have pressing things going on and simply can’t find time to post and unfortunately then some very interesting news just passes me by.  I just can’t get to it all.

As for commenting, I moderate comments.  That means that I see the comment before I actually post it.  So, if I’m off somewhere for a few hours or a few days you may not see your comment right away.  Although wordpress takes it upon itself to sort out spam (and makes mistakes sometimes, sorry about that), I usually post everything everyone sends me as soon as I am back at the computer.

And, the comments are just posted all at once so sometimes it might mess up the back and forth commentary.

There are a couple of reasons why I might not post a comment.  I don’t post anything with foul language and I really hate it when commenters personally attack one another.  Just tell us your views on the issue being discussed (you can do it strongly and enthusiastically), but keep it respectful.    I haven’t had the problem here, but I’ve been writing another blog since 2007 where those commenting are pretty rough people and I have actually had to ban people from commenting —usually liberals telling someone they are a “racist” or something like that.   LOL! Liberals must have gone to name-calling school and are under the false assumption that to silence someone with whom one disagrees, simply scream the “R” word.

And, one final thing.  I’m not good at commenting myself (slow thinker maybe!), so I don’t often say much.  But, please comment to each other!  We can all learn something from the exchange.

Thanks!  Ann

p.s. You too can be a blogger, it isn’t hard and we need many many more because we want to get around the mainstream media filter!  Frankly, educating more citizens is the only hope we have.


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