Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 19, 2012

Runaway Slave, the movie, see it in DC this week!

Cathy of MD CAN alerts us to a free showing of the film everyone is talking about—Runaway Slave.


I had the privilege of meeting pastor C.L. Bryant two years ago when the idea for the movie was still forming in his head, and last week I saw the end result … a truly powerful movie, with a message crying out for members of the Black community to run away from socialism and tyranny toward economic freedom and liberty.

Runaway Slave is a provocative movie.  It asks how it is that, in exchange for 95% of their vote for liberal/Progressive policies, the Black community has 40% of its population on welfare, 72% of its children born out of wedlock, and a 48% abortion rate?  It explores the social and economic enslavement of the Black community to promises of ever-increasing government entitlements.  (And, in truth, Runaway Slave holds lessons for us all.)

I invite you to come meet C.L. Bryant and see the DC Premiere of Runaway Slave next Wednesday, February 22 at the E Street Cinema (555-11th Street, NW).

Politichiks was at the film’s Hollywood premiere and has some great interviews with the cast of the film, including Herman Cain, here.

By the way, I think we saw this past week on the gay marriage vote in Annapolis that conservatives have much in common with black religious leaders.   We plan to build on that.

Mark your calendars for “Choosing the Future,” a conference to explore many of the issues raised by Runaway Slave, here.  MD CAN is one of the sponsors of the event.


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