Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 17, 2012

More on Catholic “leaders” and money

The other day I posted on ‘Catholicism’s pact with the devil.‘ Rush Limbaugh discussed the story and it brought over a thousand readers to Potomac Tea Party Report—imagine how many Rush listeners went to the story at Ricochet itself.

Now, hat tip Judy, comes yet another story, this time about Sister Carol Keehan who was an early supporter of Obamacare.  Remember all the controversy about the supposedly staunch Catholic Rep. Bart Stupak being the deciding vote. I remembered that there was some nun involved with Catholic hospitals, well it seems that Sr. Carol Keehan was that woman deep into the final machinations in the closing days and hours of the vote when Stupak made his final decision to betray his faith.

From American Thinker, entitled “The Little Sisters of Limousine Liberalism” here:

How much is Sr. Carol Keehan worth to the pro-Obamacare Catholic Health Association? Answer: $962,467.

I called up the Catholic Health Association (CHA) yesterday. I wanted to nail down the exact compensation figures for some of its executives, including the salary and benefits of Sister Obamacare, also known as Daughter of Charity nun Carol Keehan, who last week helped Barack Obama engineer his latest con job — the bogus conscience “compromise” designed to hoodwink Catholics into voting for his reelection.

As it has been widely reported, Obama conferred with Sister Keehan before his announcement last Friday. Then, lo and behold, she praised his revision as an inspiring resolution to the thorny issue of “religious freedom” soon after the sham event concluded.

So let’s get down to brass tacks. How much is Sister Keehan worth for such political interventions? The checkered Catholic hospitals Keehan represents as chief executive officer of the Catholic Health Association stand to receive gobs and gobs of cash from the federal government if Obamacare holds up past 2012. Consequently, the members of the association are more than happy to pony up huge salaries to executives skilled at manipulating the Catholic electorate for Obama.

Keehan is worth $962,467 to them in total salary and benefits, according to the Schedule J (Form 990) 2010 document sent to me by CHA.

Author George Neumayr goes on to explain that supposedly that huge salary goes to her religious order.  And if you check the Catholic Health Organization’s most recent Form 990 here, you will see that designation.  However…

This organization operated on about a $17 million revenue stream that year and handed out over $4.5 million in salaries and benefits to six officers and employees including Keehan.  What were they doing for that money?  Lobbying?

Read Neumayr’s whole article which raises questions, again, about what this is all about.  Is it about what is good for Americans’ health or about “gobs and gobs” of money for certain institutions that will be propped-up by increasingly impoverished taxpayers?  Where (and when) does it end?

As Neumayr so astutely notes:

“For where your treasure is, your heart will be also,” said Jesus Christ. A pedestrian reduction of the Son of God’s saying is: Follow the money.


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