Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 17, 2012

Illegal alien apprehended today on his way to bomb the US Capitol

Since we are on the subject this evening of illegal aliens and lawyers defending them, here,  I don’t suppose you missed the news about the Moroccan would-be terrorist arrested today in DC.

Here is the news from the Iconoclast beginning with a background report on how he came to be in the US—illegally.

The FBI arrested Amine El-Kahlifi, a 29 year old Moroccan illegal alien and resident of Alexandria, Virginia in an attempted Capitol Hill bombing attempt using an improvised I.E.D. with inert explosives  El-Khalifi was caught in an FBI counterterrorism sting. Of concern was his long term stay in the US, 12 years, without detection after he had overstayed his tourist visa and the array of potential targets that El-Khalifi had surveilled in his attempt that included a synagogue, military personnel and a restaurant frequented by them. Morocco and other Muslim countries of origin are not included in the 36 countries covered under the State Department Visa Waiver program for ease of entry. The fact remains that El-Khalifi and other potential terrorists may have slipped through the watch list after applying and receiving tourist visas. With a 12 year stay in the US, El-Khalifi’s example raises serious questions about monitoring, reporting and apprehension of tourists who go illegal over staying their visas and obtaining employment in the underground economy.

There is more, read on.



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