Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 16, 2012

The other side is going berserk over challenge to CASA’s tax exempt status

Have you ever heard of the website Imagine 2050?  I bet most of you haven’t.  I hadn’t.  But, they are foaming at the mouth over there today over the challenges filed by the Immigration Reform Law Institute to CASA de Maryland’s non-profit status.   I told you about it here yesterday.

Did you know we are all “white nationalists,” “nativists,” “xenophobes,” and “nativist lackeys,” and did I mention “nativists!”

Really!  Their article entitled,  “Immigration Reform Liars Institute: The Hypocrisy of IRLI’s Attack on CASA de Maryland” uses the word “nativist” five times in the short piece.    Check it out for yourself here.  Those charming people at Imagine 2050 must think that calling people names will make us cower in fear.

Then here is what they say about themselves.  Gosh, I guess you could conclude they hate white people of European heritage.  No, not these people, they are the smart people, the enlightened ones.

Imagine 2050 includes activists, immigrants, artists and students who are invested in a future nation that embodies a multiracial democracy. By the year 2050, one out of five Americans will be foreign born. Latino and Asian communities will increase significantly. There will be no clear racial or ethnic majority.

We will become a nation of minorities. Today’s perceptions of foreignness will challenge how Americans identify themselves over the coming decades. In light of these challenges, Imagine 2050 is committed to igniting candid conversations around race, immigration, environment, and American identity.

I looked around a little to see who their friends are and no surprise—they are linked to the Southern Poverty Law Center where I found this humorous (to me) article about our friend Jim Simpson.  Did you know he made “Hate Watch” over his CASA de Maryland expose and Agenda 21?  Good work Jim!

Update:  I am just seeing at Drudge tonight that MSNBC has given Pat Buchanan the boot —one of his sins was to say that 2050 will mark the end of “white America.”  So, how is that this group, Imagine 2050, can get away with saying the same thing and it’s aok.

One more thought:  All of the third worlders who have broken into America or have come legally to escape failed countries are here after destroying their own countries in Asia, Africa, and Central America.  They are working on Europe and South America now, so how does that bode well for the America of 2050?



  1. I checked out the article by Imagine 2050 “Editors,” no mention of who they are. No where in the article does there appear the term “illegal” immigrant, the IRLI being “anti immigrant,” rather than anti-illegal immigrant, and Casa de Maryland being an organization who “helps immigrants,” rather than illegal immigrants.

    You mention that the article includes some untruths, of course it does, the left can not win an argument or debate with facts.

  2. Such a LOAD OF RUBBISH! Typical: Must start with the “name calling” MY FAVORITE IS XENOPHOBE! I Never heard that word until the Alinsky talking pionts started coming out. It merely means “someone who has a fear of different nationalities and countries.” Well DANG MY HIDE!! I have been to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and France…and would LOVE to travel the world….I mean the whole world…so does that STILL make me a XENOPHOBE? These people come off like cornered, desperate rats. The gig is up for these far left Chavez/Soros funded MARXIST groups. They CANNOT defend what they are doing, which is infiltrating and taking over our America (Kruschev said it many years ago, “America will be defeated from within.” and like the “boiling frog” it has come very slowly until it has suddently reached a point where we must STOP THIS INSANITY- or ELSE!) They cannot defend that they are doing this so the only thing left for them is diversion and name calling. Do they even realize how incredibly STUPID they look? Personally, I am honored to be on their “hate list” because this means that I am a Patriotic red blooded American who cherishes the principles of our Founding Fathers, The Constitution and this glorious country that our ancestors worked, fought and died for.

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