Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 16, 2012

O’Malley gay marriage bill moving fast, likely to be voted on TOMORROW!

Update:   Delayed until tomorrow we are told (could it be they don’t have the votes!), however, for Washington County folks, check out this Red Maryland post about Donoghue possibly caving.

Looks like O’Malley and gay and lesbian activists aren’t taking any chances this year and want to get the bill out of the House of Delegates as fast as possible.  You may remember that the bill bogged down in the waning days of the General Assembly last year after weeks and weeks when conservatives, Democrats and church leaders of all persuasions pounded the delegates with calls, e-mails and visits.

Here is an article in the Annapolis Capital about how some members plan to vote —amendments begin in a few hours and a floor vote is expected tomorrow.

The article wraps up with this:

Regardless of the outcome Friday, a number of delegates said they want to get the same-sex marriage issue out of the way, so the General Assembly can focus on budget and tax issues.

I’m sure at least O’Malley and his friends want it to wrap up before the public fully grasps what is happening.  The governor has been widely criticized for bringing it up at all this year when the state has so many more pressing concerns (like the huge budget and pension shortfall I mentioned this morning!).

Time for action!

Sam Hale of the Maryland Society of Patriots alerts us this afternoon:

Republican Wade Kach, from district 5B, has just announced that he has flipped and will support gay marriage in Maryland.

This means the bill will be decided by 1 or 2 votes.

Please take the time to contact Delegate Kach, at 410-841-3359.  The vote could come as soon as tomorrow.

Outside of referendum, this is probably our last chance to stop gay marriage in Maryland.  Please take a stand against the far left and help protect our state.

The Maryland Society of Patriots has put out a list of swing votes for you to focus on!

Open this link!

Note for those of you in Washington County, please focus on Del. John Donoghue!  But, don’t stop there, contact as many as you can.

An afterthought:  And, to be on the safe side contact your own delegate even if he or she is not on this swing-vote list.



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