Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 15, 2012

Legal group challenges CASA de Maryland’s non-profit status

Update February 16th:  The other side is going berserk over this—yes!

They extend across the whole spectrum of issues of concern to conservatives—non-profit groups who take taxpayer money and use if for political activities that those who are paying oppose!   In other words, your  money is redistributed (through the tax code)  to the Leftist groups which in turn use it to organize against you!   There is Planned Parenthood, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, ACORN and all of its spin-offs, a whole host of environmental groups and of course CASA de Maryland.

Frankly, the Left would be neutered if we withdrew all of its government funding.

Now CASA must answer over a thousand pages of complaints filed against them by the immigration watchdog legal group—Immigration Reform Law Institute.

From the Washington Times today (hat tip to the many readers who sent it!):

A public interest group that pushes for immigration controls has asked Maryland to investigate the tax-exempt status of CASA de Maryland, a high-profile immigrant rights group that the Immigration Reform Law Institute says repeatedly engaged in political advocacy, breaking the law governing nonprofits.

In lengthy complaints sent to several Maryland agencies over the past week, IRLI charged that CASA regularly lobbies the state on legislation, endorses political candidates and supports Democrats through get-out-the-vote volunteer efforts, all while taking tax-deductible donations as a nonprofit.

In one instance uncovered by IRLI, CASA is listed as having endorsed Peter V.R. Franchot in one of his campaigns for comptroller of Maryland. As comptroller, Mr. Franchot administers some of the tax breaks for which CASA is eligible. The Office of the Comptroller is one of the offices with which IRLI filed its complaint.

IRLI also sent the complaint to the Internal Revenue Service last year, asking it to rescind CASA’s tax-exempt status at the federal level.

“IRLI wants the IRS and state agencies to cut off CASA’s source of tax-exempt money and state funding, so it can’t use taxpayer money for political purposes,” said Monique A. Miles, a staff attorney for IRLI. “CASA thinks it’s too big and well-connected to fail, like ACORN did, but there are watchdog organizations like IRLI who are looking out for taxpayers’ best interests.”

Read the whole article.  CASA denies, denies, denies.

Help! Joey! Help!

At this moment Gustavo Torres is probably calling up Joey Sandler (their lawyer) for help with their latest problem.  Sandler you all know by now is CASA’s lawyer who is trying to deny Marylanders an opportunity to vote on whether they want to pay for subsidized college tuition for illegals.  (see our Sandler archive here)

But more importantly, Sandler has some experience with the IRS and trying to retain non-profit status for a group that got into political campaigns—namely CAIR Maryland!   Seems that CAIR Maryland (which isn’t around any longer because, I assume, Sandler lost the appeal) stuck its nose into the campaign of Del.Don Dwyer (working against Dwyer of course).

Here is Sandler’s response letter to the Dept. of the Treasury (IRS).  Again, I can only assume Sandler lost because CAIR Maryland, which I told you about here in a lengthy discussion about former Del. Saqib Ali, subsequently went to Virginia to join forces with CAIR Virginia.

By the way, if you didn’t see it earlier, check out the great point/counterpoint piece that Help Save Maryland has prepared for those of you who will be educating your fellow citizens on the Dream Act


  1. This is WONDERFUL to hear. CASA de Maryland needs to be neutered.

  2. Thank you Immigration Reform Law Institute. It’s about time someone started challenging these 501(3)(c) organizations [horse rescues excepted, of course.] I, for one, am sick to death of my tax dollars being handed out to organizations that are using my tax dollars against my wishes, Planned Parenthood, Casa de Maryland, Acorn, and Casa de Maryland and Acorn by any other name, along with the many, so called, religeous organizations that receive grants and contracts from the government (our tax dollars.) You are not allowed to say a prayer in school, separation of church and state you know, but it’s ok for the government (our tax dollars) to support churches to bring illegal immigrants into this country and set them up with welfare, food stamps, low income housing, etc., etc.

    My wish is for IRLI to go after all of them, I’m FED UP!

  3. Notice the Baltimore Sun nor any other lapdog press (so typical) for O’Malley and the vile Maryland machine has said a word about this? Many of us have been waiting for this breaking news for a LONG TIME! Hail Mike Hethemon of IRLI ,and thanks Ann Corcoran for writing about this! We the activists go to Annapolis every year and watch how CASA de Maryland (funded with your tax dollars!) take over the entire General Assembly. CASA de MD is there 24/7 and they have highly paid staff members lobbying- while “We the People” have to take off of work, do employment searches or attend school! Here are just a few of my Twillite Zone experiences and observations while having testified for and against many bills that CASA de MD were involved in: Illegal aliens were always allowed to get into the legislature with CASA/Mickey Mouse photocopied garbage ID’s..they were told to allow them to come in. Doesn’t that just give you all the warm fuzzies? Now how could there POSSIBLY be any voter ID fraud going on? (heavy sarcasm) We The People had to have an authentic Driver’s license in order to get in. I have watched in HORROR as CASA de MD bused in approximately 300 illegal aliens (who could not speak or understand English- must have been day laborers whose job that day was to “testify for rights they didn’t have.” They even provided a state of the art piped in translation system for these illegal alien invaders!) The illegal aliens were taking over seats and sitting on tax payers coats (when one would get up to take a bathroom break) and CASA de Maryland actually BULLIED ME (and I have witnesses) and many of my fellow activists (it was not just me who was bullied) One instance occurred right after I gave a speech that CASA did not care for, a plain clothes State Trooper was told by someone in the CASA camp (again I had witnesses) to “bother me” and he VERY menacingly said “that I was laughing and clapping and if I didn’t’ stop it he would THROW ME OUT!” My colleague said ” Excuse me, but she wasn’t doing anything that the CASA people weren’t doing, and she knows how to act in public and was doing NOTHING disruptive ,and I demand that the CASA people get the same lecture because you are violating this ladies CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS” The cop just kept saying he was going to” throw me out.” I told my friend to keep this incident for future reference since we really didn’t want to deal with getting arrested by this goon. We wanted to stay and watch the circus. Oh, and I must mention that many of the Senators and Delegates treat the illegal aliens and CASA de Maryland people with UTMOST RESPECT. I also watched in horror at the way WE THE TAXPAYERS were treated by many on the Legislature: Chawing on potato chips, playing with their lap tops, talking on their cell phones, LAUGHING and MOCKING the taxpayers as we gave our speeches, rolling their eyes, sleeping and being extremely condescending and NASTY…RACE BAITING seemed to be their favorite sport.. Anything and everything was turned into us being “RACISTS” However, There are some really fabulous Senators and Delegates like Del Don Dwyer, for instance, who announced that he had called ICE and that he was giving warning that if anyone was there without proper papers that they would be arrested. I looked over at the rows of illegal alien day laborers and NOT ONE OF THEM EVEN BATTED an EYE because THEY COULD NOT UNDERSTAND A WORD THAT DEL DWYER SPOKE! Many of us had called ICE repeatedly throughout the years that we testified for things like “voter ID” and bills that would protect legal taxpaying citizens but ICE never came! There is so much more I could say from having been an activist on this issue- SO VERY MUCH- not enough room on this page, unfortunately. I won’t even touch on the harassment that went down when we did the Petition Drive to get the “Dream Act” on the ballot in 2012. Many of us were physically and verbally harassed AND ordered to get off of public and STATE property-(again we have witnesses) even though we had a perfect right to “assemble for petition.” I had the wonderful Constitutional Lawyer Delegate Mike Smigile on speed dial the whole time. Del Mike was NOT VERY HAPPY with how we were treated. We the PEOPLE had our Constitutional rights trampled on while ILLEGAL ALIENS have been treated like Rock Stars! Please go to Accuracy in Media and read James Simpson’s brilliant piece: “CASA de Maryland, The Illegal Alien’s ACORN.” I have been trying to educate people about this group for years, but they have operated in the dark. Many, many politicians in Annapolis are tied to CASA de Maryland. Signed: An IRATE ACTIVIST!

  4. Am 100% in agreement with Judy. Also, I can personally vouch for her comments on the behavior of the legislators during discourse with which they oppose. I’ve witnessed it many times. Their mannerisms and behavior are DISGUSTING AND SHAMEFUL. THEY are the ones that should be thrown out of the room as well as thrown out of office !!! I wonder how many would continue to send emails on their blackberry’s during testimony, if they realized that any Maryland citizen has the right to petition the State for the content of their phone records and text messages that occur during hearings ?

  5. […] Reform Law Institute to CASA de Maryland’s non-profit status.   I told you about it here […]

  6. I too have been w/ Judy at hearings and watched as CASA brought Illegal Foreign nationals into hearings with nothing more than a photo copy ID provided by CASA. I have also made efforts to stop them at the door and told the police officers they could not use the IDs, this was varified by the leadership but they let them in none the less. Like Judy I have tons more, been going to hearings for about 10yrs.

    • Tom, I welcome guest columns if you want to write one. Just don’t go too long (I sometimes do myself and know that in doing so I lose readers).

      You can just send me an e-mail with the text in the body of the e-mail and I can post it.

  7. I love the idea of there “doings” during hearings being made public information by petition, they work for us (supposedly.) We have the right to know what they are doing while on our dime. Private employers monitor their employees, we have the right to know what our hired politicians are doing.

    • What ‘InGodWeTrust’ is referring to is something we learned about at the MDCAN/Franklin Center investigative journalism workshop (although maybe IGWT already knew the trick). We were told that in one case someone following an issue in a hearing noted an elected official constantly on a blackberry and not paying much attention to witnesses. Suspecting the blackberry was a government issued one, the attendee used the Public Information Act to ask for all the text messages from that person at that hearing. Turns out that he was chatting with his girlfriend and making fun of the witnesses! That is the c*** elected officials need to be called on by citizen journalists. Then boot them out of office!

      • Good for the person who issued the Public Information Act. You see, we can make a difference, now, make that info public and let the people decide whether they want to re-elect that individual, OR NOT!

  8. […] Immigration Reform Law Institute to CASA de Maryland’s non-profit status.   I told you about it here […]

  9. […] Immigration Reform Law Institute to CASA de Maryland’s non-profit status.   I told you about it here […]

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