Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 14, 2012

MD CAN/Franklin Center citizen journalism workshop was a big success

Sorry, I am only about ten days late telling you more about the all-day investigative journalism training workshop put on by the Maryland Conservative Action Network and the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity.

My excuse for being tardy is that I was waiting to be able to give readers all the links for websites, data bases and other resources you can use right at home to begin investigating waste, fraud and cronyism in government.

Now we have that all posted at the MD CAN website.

The speakers were fabulous!  Besides Mary Ellen Beatty of the Franklin Center who opened the program with an overview of what you could do to become a citizen watchdog and why it is so important; the other speakers included Trent Siebert (Texas Watchdog), Mark Newgent (Red Maryland) and Frank Keegan (State Budget Solutions).

If you missed the workshop in Clarksville, you missed a really wonderful program, BUT if you click on this link at MD CAN you can still become a citizen watchdog by using all the materials the speakers have kindly made available.

Whatever your political persuasion, please help expose wrong-doing in government at whatever level most interests you—town, county, state or federal—but pick one and become the expert Then figure out how to best get your research out to a broader audience and America will be the better for it.

Watch for news on the next workshop—how to use social media to get your message out!



  1. […] At the MDCAN/Franklin Center investigations workshop, Keegan told us that the pension shortfall is a hot potato that each Maryland governor is just trying to hand off to the next guy so as not to be left holding it when the end comes. […]

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