Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 11, 2012

Who is CASA kidding?

Here is just one more story about the upcoming battle over in-state tuition for illegal aliens (this one is at the Frederick News Post).  You can read the whole article yourself, but this is the passage that made me laugh:

There’s no official data regarding how many students the reduced rates will affect. Immigrant advocacy group CASA de Maryland estimates that around 150 kids will be able to qualify, but Botwin [Help Save Maryland] places the number much higher.

CASA has already announced that they are planning to raise $10 MILLION to defeat middle class taxpayers and try to win this ballot question in November and we are expected to believe that it only helps 150 kids!   Imagine how many full scholarships $10 million (properly invested) would provide.

Come to think of it, why don’t those Democrat one-percenters, like CASA lawyer Joey Sandler, pay out of their own pockets for a bunch of the poor kids to go to college.   Hey kids! You are being used!


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