Posted by: Ann Corcoran | February 10, 2012

Jim Garvin for President!

Who?  Jim Garvin!  This is small businessman Jim Garvin in a Youtube rant back in July (hat tip: Dick).  If you are not one of the 2 million plus viewers who have already seen his ‘mad as hell’ five minutes, watch it now.  He says it’s time for everyone in Washington to “grow-up” and solve our economic problems and, he says, no one wants to hear the “crap” anymore (and that was in July, imagine how he is feeling now).

Blasting both sides equally he says of Speaker Boehner, “get off of your dead ___ (not sure which body part he was going for) and show some leadership!”

Watch it.  I hope he is right—that we aren’t going to take it anymore.



  1. Ok, I admit that I was not one of the 2million viewers of “the rant,” until now. I had heard ABOUT it, and had heard sound bites from it, but had never listened to the whole thing. Is this great or what? He did, I believe, err in one of his statements concerning Pelosi’s flights back and forth to California. She wasn’t in a private jet, she was using military aircraft, which of course, we paid for. So, his premise of the wasting of taxpayer money is correct, but the mode of transportation incorrect.
    In any event, a great piece.

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